I am a Philosopher (Ph.D.) with interests in history (B.A. Classical Civilizations) and table-top gaming. In this blog I hope to offer my thoughts on RPG’s like Castles & Crusades, Dungeons & Dragons, philosophy, and history.

Regarding RPG’s, I am an old-school gamer who played his first game of BECMI D&D in 1980. I have since played every edition since (except for 4E), and recently left D&D 5E behind as a game master (although I still play it), and focus my Game Mastering on what I find is much more fun and enjoyable – old school play – using as my game of choice Castles & Crusades, but drawing on other great systems that respect the source material of D&D and build upon it.

I hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Best wishes on your new adventure. This is the first blog I have been a subscriber. Normally I find blogs catering to the lowest common demeanor of temperament of subscribers or they look for the outrageous statement to gain attention. I think this one will be different.


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