Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 77

Stunning adventure! One character is petrified by a basilisk. Two characters contract mummy rot. Players lose more than a dozen potions and holy water vials from a shatter spell. They collect 50,000+ gp in treasure. They have a unique encounter with a boy ghoul who doesn’t realize he is undead.

Balthazar, Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 7 of Arcanus
, Human Cleric 5 of Charon
Gnoosh, Gnome Rogue 7/Illusionist 6 of Baravar Cloakshadow
Martin, Human Rogue 7 of Bacchus
Astrid, Human Skald 3 of Hel
Noro, Human Warrior Priest 3 of Hyperion
Remi, Gnome Rogue 5/Illusionist 4 of Hermes
Tiberius, Human Paladin 2 of St. Ingrid
Jasper, Dwarf Fighter 3/Cleric 3 of Dumathoin
Arthur, Human Oathsworn 7 of Celestian

Dhekeon “the Disgraced,” fallen skeletal paladin of St. Justus (seeking redemption)

Game Diary:
In this session the highs and lows were were unrelenting. In the Barrowmaze players are very careful and sometimes may only manage to explore a half-dozen rooms, in this session they continued pushing forward, exploring 17 rooms. So many things happened that I simply can’t cover everything in this game diary, but I will try to hit the highlights.

In the previous session they had fought Barrow mummies and a gemstone golem, but they still had spells and abilities they could use so they plowed forward into new and undisturbed crypts. Several characters have abilities to detect treasure (Jasper, for example, can detect gold, courtesy of his dwarven god Dumathoin), and they used their natural abilities and magic items to seek this out. The pull of treasure was high! so they entered rooms where the floor gave way to a 20 foot deep pit with poisoned spikes at the bottom. Anther room had a brown pudding that ate away the padding underneath their metal armor, reducing its effectiveness (i.e., its AC goes down by one for each round the pudding can eat away its interior. so as the bruises built up and the armor was reduced in effectiveness, they managed to pull in thousands of gold pieces worth of gems.

Moving to a new section of the dungeon, they found a room with a sitting clay statue with rubies in its eyes. The players awoke what they suspected was an enchanted creature, and it was – a clay golem! Balthazar chose to cast shatter, hoping it would cause the creature to crumble, but it was immune, and everyone in the room had to make saving throws for their potions, flask, and elixirs. There were more than a dozen failed saves among the characters, with Tiberius saddened to see all 10 of his holy water vials shatter and soak through his backpack!

After defeating the golem, they entered a burial chamber for a mother, father, and son of the Ironguard family (the Ironguards are currently ruling the Duchy of Aerik, where the Barrowmaze is located). The bodies of the mother and father remained resting in peace in their sarcophagi, but the Army of the Light found the boy, Parnel Ironguard, standing next to his sarcophagus, risen as a ghoul. However, he was not yet aware he was undead and was struggling to understand why his skin had changed color and the room looked like a crypt. He began asking the PCs questions in his state of confusion as his mortal mind was fading and being slowly taken over with ghoulish hunger. The more time he was able to smell the PCs fresh flesh his ghoulish hunger began to grow. Characters that could detect evil could sense the hunger for flesh was growing, he was succumbing to it, and his moral compass was shifting. Kyron commanded undead and told him to “go back to sleep.” Parnel did so and crawled back into his sarcophagus and pulled the top back over him. The group realized they needed to bring the boy to peace, so they partially re-opened the sarcophagus and Kyron commanded him to drink some water (which happened to be holy water), the boy did so and then screamed as the holy water began to eat away at him from the inside. He now fully turned evil, but directly drinking holy water had weakened him considerably, and the Army of the Light laid the boy to rest swiftly. The group collected Ironguard signet rings and Ironguard circlets with the family crest on them. Some of the roguish PCs are planning a careful and secretive take over of Ironguard Motte, and these items may make it easier for them!

Next they entered a series of rooms dedicated to Zuul, a chaotic entity that united the force of Chaos with the four elements. One large chamber showed Zuul standing with the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water pouring into him. Some characters were able to detect undead and from their familiarity with the Barrowmaze they picked up the presence of two mummies beyond some doors. Carefully, they prepared spells and tactics. They focused a lot on elemental spells, thinking these might work best on the mummies. Unfortunately, they guessed incorrectly! After making some sounds to lure the mummies out, they laid out a path of frost to fill the entire chamber. The mummies walked onto it and instead of slowing their movement and giving them damage, the mummies praised the PCs for their respect and use of the elements! They then charged toward the door where the group awaited.

Arthur and Martin were struck by the mummies and they failed their saves, causing a -2 reduction to their charisma scores as well as a weakening of their healing capabilities (healing was now impossible in some cases or took 10 times longer in other instances). These two sickly looking friends spurred on the group. Dhekeon, who was capable of walking on walls because of a magical silver death mask he wore, attacked the mummies with his two-handed sword. Martin, seeking revenge, made a backstab attack and decapitated one, and Arthur took his revenge by making another killing blow. Fortunately, this group had some clerics, and after casting cure disease and making spell caster checks to try and overcome the strength of the mummy curses, succeeded, removing the affliction on the two characters.

The Army of the light was now worn down. Two players were recovering from mummy rot, several others had their armor reduced from a pudding (although mending spells managed to temporarily overcome the problems). But the characters knew there were still a couple of rooms they wanted to explore before they would head back to Ironguard Motte to rest and heal.

Basilisk art by Jacob Atienza (Deviantart)

They found a door which required a scarab to be inserted into a socket in the door and rotated to open. They found the scarab “key” around the neck of one of the mummies. Balthazar used it. The door, which they thought was connected on hinges (like most door are!), but the door in fact operated on a pivot located in the center point of the door. The door immediately spun from this center point and smacking and pushing Balthazar into the next room. As he was propelled into the dark room, the torch light from his companions illuminated a strange lizard-type creature. Its eyes glowed. He failed his constitution save, and just as the door finished its 180 degree turn and Balthazar disappeared from sight in the room on the other side, the other members of the group saw his flesh harden and turn into gray stone…

They began to plot how they could get into the room, kill the basilisk, and retrieve Balthazar. But they had several challenges. One, the scarab key was now on the other side of the door with the now petrified Balthazar, and secondly, our game session was running over its allotted time and players needed to head home. There was excitement to try and solve this, so we did go a bit over our time, but the session ended on a cliffhanger.

So, for next week we are now all wondering – will the Army of the Light defeat the basilisk and retrieve Balthazar?

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