Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 76

The Army of the Light battle a Gemstone Golem, Sandling, a half-dozen Barrow Mummies that paralyzed a player’s legs in ice, fought an Ochre Jelly and an Amber Golem as they progress further into the oldest portions of the Barrowmaze!

Balthazar, Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 7 of Arcanus
, Human Cleric 5 of Charon
Gnoosh, Gnome Rogue 7/Illusionist 6 of Baravar Cloakshadow
Martin, Human Rogue 7 of Bacchus
Astrid, Human Skald 3 of Hel
Calista, Elf Thief 1 of Loki
Noro, Human Warrior Priest 3 of Hyperion
Kiaria, Human Seeker 6 of Bast
Gorgat, Half-Orc Barbarian 6 of Haephestus
Remi, Gnome Rogue 5/Illusionist 4 of Hermes
Tiberius, Human Paladin 2 of St. Ingrid
Chonk, Half-Orc Barbarian 4/Cleric 4 of The Morrigan
Kyra, Elf Cleric 6 of Sehanine Moonbow
Sophia, Human Paladin 1 of St. Solania

Dhekeon “the Disgraced,” fallen skeletal paladin of St. Justus (seeking redemption)

Game Diary:
Fresh off the success of their battles with bone golems in the previous session they broke down several bricked up walls in a corridor knowing that when they find walls that have been built up to block entry there is usually treasure, and these players know that I use the 1gp=1xp rule in my games. Additionally, in my game when you level up you can train to get new abilities (e.g. learn a new language, learn a new profession, attempt to raise an attribute, or take an advantage from the Castle Keepers Guide), but these new abilities require taking time off and spending money to acquire the ability (the time required is their new level x 2 in weeks, and the cost is 10% of the difference in xp they need from the beginning of their current level to their next level in gold pieces. So down went the wall bricked up walls!

The adventurers came to two doorways facing north and south. Entering the north door they found a pile of gemstones in a five foot diameter bowl and the body of a clearly accomplished gemcutter (based on the tools that were lying next to him). A dagger was tossed into the bowl of gems, causing them all to assemble together to create a giant gemstone golem (they had encountered one previously). They knew it was immune to magic spells, but magic weapons helped them out and by letting the fighter types take control of the combat it eventually crumbled into a pile of expensive gem treasure.

Entering the south room they saw a pile of sand. A spare dagger was thrown into it as well and it rose up into a sandling (a type of sand elemental). Its death was swift, for an arrow was shot toward it and a natural 20 was rolled. When a player rolls a critical hit, I hand them the critical hit die made by New Comet Games. They rolled “instant kill” and down it went!

art by totmoartsstudio2 DeviantArt

Breaking down another bricked up wall they arrived at north and south doors. Several characters could detect undead and they sensed a half-dozen powerful undead, three behind the north door and three behind the south. Gnoosh has a hat of telepathy and could detect sleeping, dream-like thoughts from the intelligent undead in the crypts behind both doors. The rogues tried to pick the locks but found themselves struggling and it took several attempts by the different rogues before they could succeed. This awoke the undead (Gnoosh could sense the dreamy thoughts had changed into “attack the intruders!” The Army of the Light tried to prepare by having Chonk set up his magical tower shield and Balthazar was preparing a special Barrowmaze spell that allowed him to breath fire (Ool’s Broiling Exhalation), but the undead were prepared as well, so instead of allowing surprise, we all rolled initiative and the undead won! The doors opened and three barrow mummies emerged to strike. Unlike traditional mummies that can give someone mummy rot, the curse of these mummies it to freeze a persons limbs for several hours. Gorgat was swarmed over by the multiple clawed hands of the mummies, and one-by-one both his legs froze to the ground and he was unmoving and paralyzed. His friends cast sanctuary and invisibility to undead on him to protect him from certain death as they continued the attack. Magic missiles and normal missiles were fired at the mummies. Balthazar also got to cast Ool’s Broiling Exhalation and caused the bandages on the mummies to burn off and their flesh burned from his magical fire. The first three went down, but Kyra had to use up some spell slots casting several remove curse spells to free Gorgat from the frozen paralysis.

Gnoosh’s hat of telepathy told him the undead behind the other door were now awake from the sound of battle and waiting. Suspecting that these were more barrow mummies they were better prepared and when the door opened they unleashed their barrage of spells and attacks. Dhekeon, their fallen paladin friend with a powerful two-handed sword, as well as possessing the power of spider climb because of a silver death mask found in the Barrowmaze, ran along the walls and attacked the barrow mummies from a non-traditional attack angle, slicing at them with his mighty blows. They couldn’t hold up to the attacks. Over 9,000 gold pieces of treasure was collected from these creatures and the gemstone golem. But the spellcasters were out of spells and they chose to return to Ironguard Motte.

Several people advanced levels and because the players chose to pursue the level-up training options I offer in my campaigns they were swapped out for some other characters. We still had just over an hour left in the session, so they headed back to the Barrowmaze to continue down their path. I rolled for random encounters, got nothing, so they successfully got back to where they left off.

They next moved to a north-south corridor with two archways which opened to the east and west, in each there were a series of small 10 foot x 10 foot crypts, some had doors, others had tattered curtains covering them. The Army of the Light managed to explore most of the six rooms through the west archway, which included fighting an amber golem and an ochre jelly. But the struggle was worth it for the over 6,000 gp additional treasure they found (platinum rhytons).

The session had now run out of time and they still had a couple of crypts left to explore, which includes investigating two partially decayed corpses, one of whom had a clearly unique magical scroll in his hand. The players are also aware from the map fragment they possess that they might be just one doorway away from entering ancient tombs that existed prior to the construction of the Barrowmaze. We will see what will happen next week!