Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 75

The Army of the Light takes on a Barrowmaze Witch with her ghast and ghoul followers and then take on a series of bone golems.

Arthur, Human Oathsworn 7 of Celestian
Jasper, Dwarf Cleric 2/Fighter 2 of Dumathoin Deepdelver
Balthazar, Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 6 of Arcanus
, Human Cleric 6 of Charon
Gnoosh, Gnome Rogue 6/Illusionist 6 of Baravar Cloakshadow
Martin, Human Rogue 6 of Bacchus
Astrid, Human Skald 3 of Hel
Calista, Elf Thief 1 of Loki
Kiaria, Human Seeker 5 of Bast
Gorgat, Half-Orc Barbarian 5 of Haephestus
Chonk, Half-Orc Barbarian 4/Cleric 4 of The Morrigan
Kyra, Elf Cleric 6 of Sehanine Moonbow

Dhekeon “the Disgraced,” fallen skeletal paladin of St. Justus (seeking redemption)

Game Diary:
Last session we lost Cobalt, a founding member of the Army of the Light, as well as our newest member, a wizard named Ahmeya. There was a procession in the streets of Ironguard Motte in his memory and of his accomplishments. Some of this was out of respect for him and part was clearly propaganda by the church of the Saints as they do not want the Norse and Celtic faiths getting anymore inroads into the town. The church then took Cobalt’s body and buried it under the temple floor of the church annex dedicated to St. Agathos.

Several members of the group leveled up last session and they took time off to acquire new level-up abilities (e.g. Advantages from the Castle Keepers Guide, which are effectively feats, as well as researching other things such as Rosaline the druid working out a way to re-purpose an Amber Golem they picked up from the Barrowmaze many sessions ago). With some fresh faces in the adventuring party they headed back to the Barrowmaze to try and find the tomb of a barbarian ruler named Thar and and a crypt of the elements, both areas that may predate the Barrowmaze.

They arrived where they left off last session at the library to Nergal (which they had largely destroyed). There they discovered that bricks had been placed on either side of the entrance to the archway with moist footprints of barefoot ghouls and ghasts. It seems the undead were preparing to brick up and re-seal the library. The adventurers knocked the bricks over and headed down the passageway following the foot prints. They arrived at a door where a cackling voice of a witch from behind the door invited them to enter. Balthazar opened the door to peek in and throw in a fireball. Opening the door he saw a room with a boiling cauldron (with the arm of Ahmeya floating in it), 8 ghouls, 5 ghasts, and the witch (named Grizelda) stood upside down on the ceiling looking down upon him. She breathed forth a blast of fire. The damage on the wizard was substantial. He responded by hurling a fireball into the room and then stepped back so others could heal him.

The fireball destroyed all the ghouls and one ghast. Still, Grizelda and four ghasts remained. The smell and stench of the undead caused Arthur to vomit violently, taking him out of the combat. Gnoosh cast head fog on Grizelda, but even blinded she managed to throw down a darkness spell on the doorway due to her familiarity with the room and corridor. Her darkness only lasted a brief second, however, since others in the party had magic weapons and spells of light which counteracted her darkness.

The ghasts rushed forth to the doorway and reached out with their…ghastly…hands to strike the adventurers. Kyra failed her save and was paralyzed by a touch. But with 12 PC’s and one NPC against four ghasts and a blind witch, the battle was clearly in favor of the Army of the Light. Fellow clerics removed Kyra’s paralysis and she used a magical circlet to blast Grizelda with fire. Fate was decided. Moments later the undead were dead as was Grizelda. Finding parts of Ahmeya in Grizelda’s cauldron was disturbing, but finding her treasure of gold was not!

The group found a secret door in her chamber leading south. Passing through it they could tell they were now in a much older part of the Barrowmaze. They knew they were moving toward the crypts where Tharn and the Elemental chambers were located.

Further down they passed two bricked up walls. Several members could sense undead and by doing so they were able to establish that one of the bricked up walls would lead to undead more powerful than the ghasts and ghouls they had fought. They chose to move on, thinking they were safe with a few feet of bricked up walls protecting them.

Bone Golem art by spawn69101 on Imgur

Moving further south they came upon a room with a large square room with a 30 foot high ceiling. The room was slightly pyramidal with a stone sarcophagus at the top where there were two dead adventurers lying next to it. The militaristically trained members discovered that they had been killed by scimitar and mace attacks from four armed creatures. Having fought a four armed bone golem in a previous adventure they thought this might be the cause of the deaths here. They began to investigate the room to determine where they might be lurking. They discovered that of the four pillars that were lending support in the room, two had hidden panels where 7 foot tall guardians could be lurking. Three of the strong members ascended the pyramid structure and pushed off the stone sarcophagus cover. This activated the bone golems from the pillars. The group had guessed this would happen and were prepared. The spellcasters did have to rethink their strategies when they were reminded that these golems were immune to spells. Nonetheless, Balthazar cast mirror image a few times to distract the golems, and there were still many mighty warriors with magical weapons who could attack. It was the warrior-types that pushed forth and attacked the golems. The golems had four attacks, but the 7 mirror images took many of the blows that could’ve hit the adventurers. The Army of the Light swung back with their blades and bludgeoning weapons. The bone golems had a lot of hit points but 12 adventurers and Dhekeon cut them down. Within the sarcophagus they found a bag with thousands of gold pieces in gems.

It was now time for the session to end. Next week they will continue their journey into this oldest part of the Barrowmaze.

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