Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 72

Side adventure where members of the Army of the Light help a farmer cleanse Slavic spirits and demons from under his granary/storage silo, discover a portal to the lower realms and return with a treasure hoard!

Kyra, Elf Cleric 6 of Sehanine Moonbow
Skuld, Elf Sorceress (Seiðkona) 4 of Odin
Orgren, Dwarf Fighter 3 of Sif
Amelia, Half-Elf (Human lineage) Bard 2/Illusionist 1 of Apollo
Oswyn, Human Cleric 1 of St. Jasper
Edward, Human Bard 3 of St. Cecilia
Aristoteles, Human Ranger 1 of Uller
Cyron, Human Cleric 6 of Charon
Magni, Dwarf Fighter 2 of Barundar Battleaxe
Aturash, Half-Orc Berserker 3 of Odin
Sagira, Human Cleric 1 of Horus

Game Diary:
Half the players couldn’t make the session, so for the three players that could make, two made new characters they had previously outlined and with a few veteran members of the Army of the Light I came up with a one session side adventure to put them through their paces.

As so many adventures begin, this began in a tavern in Ironguard Motte. While relaxing in a tavern the door opened and a panicked farmer accompanied by a town guard entered seeking help with a problem he had. There were apparently strange fiery spirits under the granary and storage silo at his farm just a few minutes north of the town. The group of veterans and enthusiastic newcomers to the Army of the Light seeking to prove their worth in the group headed to the farm. Once there, the farmer opened the double doors that led down stairs into the storage area under his granary and storage silo. When they arrived they entered an area 30 feet in diameter with three tunnels leading off in different directions. Detect magic and detect evil told the spellcasters that there was the presence of neutral evil, lawful evil, and chaotic evil down each of the tunnels.


As they were working out what to do three 4 foot all hairy beings wearing leather vests with symbols of Czernobog (a Slavic god of destruction and misery) emerged from the far left of the three tunnels. Although they were carrying pitchforks and were apparently doing laboring work in the underground area, the veteran members of the group had met demon beasts of Czernobog several months prior and weren’t going to wait for a conversation when they saw them raise their palms and small flames emerged from them, the adventurers immediately launched spells and attacks at them. I was looking forward to introducing my players to some interesting foes and their abilities, these little folk were whittled down fast. They whistled and from the far right tunnel they heard the howling of hounds and saw the flickering lights of flame – hell hounds were approaching!

One spellcaster cast patch of frost and this made the entire area in front of the three tunnels slick with ice as well as spreading a damaging chill to all those that entered the area. The five hell hounds entered as protection from evil was cast to protect the adventurers huddled together. The hell hounds took the chill damage, the warriors lunged forward with their weapons as well as firing their bows. The hellhounds were getting bloodied, and since these summoned creatures couldn’t enter the protected area, they breathed forth their fiery pellets. The veterans took the damage, but the newcomers were not used to such brutal, hellish, attacks, and three went down to zero and negative hit points, on the verge of dying. Fortunately, there were several clerics in the party, Kyra had an owl that could administer cure spells by touch, plus there was a Deck of Dirty Tricks card available that allowed two actions to take place in a single round. So with one cleric casting two healing spells in one round, the animal companion administering a heal, everyone was back up again! (although a couple of the cure spells only cured 1 or 2 hit points). Under the protection from evil aura, the group pushed the hell hounds back onto the patch of frost and the hell hounds froze over.

Drelb art by Peter Bradley for Castles & Crusades Classic Monsters & Treasure

The group, wiping their brow in relief for having survived the hellhounds that nearly killed the three newest members of the Army of the Light, were taken a back by a shadowy figure that emerged from the center tunnel, a being from the negative material realm, yet not seeming to be undead. Again, players decided this was no time for hesitation and Kyra launched a blast of fire from a circlet she had on her head. It was a powerful blast indeed – something I was not prepared for – and with a failed saving throw this potentially quite powerful and devastating monster went up in smoke.

It appeared this was the lead monster of the group (with the Ovinnik being workers and hell hounds being guards). They went down the central tunnel and found a portal to the fiery realm below (Hell? Hel? Muspelheim?). They analyzed it with their spells and knowledge and could sense the other side was going to be very hot, yet they could also make out distorted images through the red, orange, and yellow colors that there was treasure behind it. With the shadow creature gone, the portal was slowly shrinking, but they determined that it would remain open for more than 24 hours, so they took this time to return to Ironguard Motte, rest the night, heal up, learn new spells, and come back with reinforcements.

Death Dog from D&D 5E Monster Manual

So, the group returned 24 hours later to the portal to the fiery realms underneath the farmers grain silo having gone from 6 to 11 members. After they all got endure elements cast on themselves they entered the portal. Before them lay a grayish wasteland with steam rising everywhere. They couldn’t see more than 100 yards, for after that the steam made everything waver in heat waves. However, although seemingly empty in most directions, 100 yards in front of them, at the limits of their vision, their lie much treasure…with 7 double headed death dogs with hell hound capabilities! The dogs howled and charged at the obvious intruders to their realm! The group had a couple of rounds for ranged attacks, hoping to whittle them down before they could breath their double headed fiery breath at them! Other members threw caltrops to their sides since they could tell these dogs were moving to flank them on all sides to take them down. Their plan worked, the seven 2-headed hell hounds were down to just a few after their charge, and they were suitably dealt with by sword and axe.

This, then, left the treasure. They approached, and counted the loot – 13,000gp, magical halberd a phylactery of faithfulness, and a cursed stone that reduces Oswyn’s movement in half (he tried to throw it a way, but it always returns to him somehow). Still, that is a lot of treasure, did it all belong to the shadowy spirit (Drelb), or something else? Skuld, the sorceress, got a hint of an answer when the group was passing through the portal back to their realm and she heard a sinister chuckle in her mind’s ear. Had they now gained the attention of some strange devilish entity from the fiery realm below?…