Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 71

The Army of the Light encounter disorienting Slavic faerie creatures at the base of a mountain, ascend a narrow mountain path using druid plant growth to strengthen the vegetation and footing for the climb, and at the base of vertical cliffs during a storm take on a Slavic elemental dragon-being.

Arthur, Human Oathsworn 6 of Celestian
Balthazar, Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 6 of Arcanus
 “Rot Face”, Dwarf Berserker 6 of Odin
Gnoosh, Gnome Rogue 6/Illusionist 5 of Baravar Cloakshadow
Martin, Human Rogue 6 of Bacchus
Rosaline, Half-Elf (Elf lineage) Druid 6 of The Daghda
Zen, Human Monk 5 of St. Agathos
Kiaria, Human Seeker 5 of Bast
Belden, Gnome Bard 6 of Aengus

Conwrick Pimkin, Hobbit Ranger of Brandobaris Fleetfoot

Game Diary:
The Army of the Light took a break from the Barrowmaze and traveled to the Moon Peaks in search of Cliff Plives, exotic vegetation that can turn leather – if properly treated – into the hardness of steel.

artwork by Jesper Ejsing

Their daylong journey from Irongaurd Motte to the Moon Peaks was uneventful…until night began to fall. Conwrick, the ranger, began setting up camp in the light rain that was falling under the setting sun. That was when the group heard a beautiful song drifting through the trees! Several people were entranced by the sound and headed toward it. Under cover of the setting sun and tree branches, the lone harpy was difficult to target, but those that weren’t entranced by her song darted off to the side and headed behind to try and avoid the branches providing cover so that they could flank her. A mighty blow struck her on a branch 10 feet up in the air, and when she hit the ground her neck snapped on a rock from the fall.

The group returned to camp to rest for the climb up the cliffs the following day to find the elusive cliff plives, but those on first watch saw between the branches of trees and briefly blocking out the stars the swooping down of two flying creatures – gargoyles! The group had had enough of them from the previous three adventures and once they woke everyone up the two were dispatched rather quickly, still, gargoyles have a lot of attacks and healing was needed.

art by Alexander Petrov

The next morning the group was guided by Conwrick to the base of the mountain. A narrow dirt and stone trail 3-5 feet wide crisscrossed up the mountain for 600 feet before they would reach a 600 foot straight up cliff to the next landing. As they were about to begin roping themselves together four faery creatures came out of the woods towards them. Two of them were dainty little feminine faeries 3 feet tall and smelling of flowers, the other two, who were males, looked like sinister corpses. They all apparently exuded an aura which disoriented and confused those near them, and several characters began aimlessly wandering in different directions. The two male faeries (known as Bluds to those versed in Slavic folklore) jumped on the backs of Balthazar and Zen and began rummaging through their backpacks. One blud grabbed a scroll from Balthazar, and the other grabbed from Zen’s backpack the severed animated Scandinavian troll head whose mouth functioned as a bag of holding. While this happened the two blud females smiled approvingly and spoke about the payment owed to from those who trespass into their territory.

The troll head was too heavy for the one blud and it fell on top of him and only his splayed legs stuck out underneath it as it hit the ground, the other blud handed the scroll to the female and she preparing to dart off into the woods at frightening faery speed. The blud disorientation power can be quite powerful (one can easily imagine why very few have ever made it to the cliff plives, for most who have gotten this close simply wander off for hours or days and either never make it, or are picked off by predators). The Army of Light, however, is made of different stuff, and enough avoided the faeries auras and smacked the little wee folk down and retrieved their items before they could escape.

The group could now proceed up the crisscrossing path. They had to ascend six narrow (3-5 foot wide) paths that varied between 30-60 degrees in inclination. Conwrick led the way by himself (his hobbit and ranger abilities ensured he could do this by without assistance), and the other nine characters tied themselves together into three groups of three (to catch one another if someone slipped and fell). There were several falls, but the other two characters always managed to pull the clumsy person back up. However, at roughly the halfway point Gimlie, Balthazar, and Arthur had an accident and there was about to be a devastating fall, but Arthur used a car from the Deck of Dirty Tricks to teleport to a previous location which was simply five feet away from where he slipped, and Balthazar cast levitate on himself and Gimli and they ascended to the top of the crisscrossing path where Conwrick was waiting for them smoking his ivory pipe.

Once at the top, Martin took out his Cyclops head acquired from the previous adventure that allowed him to see things 100x closer. He gazed up and could see a strange whirling vortex at the top of the 600 foot high cliff. Belden’s legend lore told him it was an Azdacha, an elemental dragon-being. It could produce devastating surges of cyclonic winds hurling all those in its path in multiple directions – very dangerous when you are 600 feet above the nearest ledge and more than 1,200 feet from the closest solid and steady ground!

Rosaline cast plant growth spells to strength the vegetation on the ledge and partway up the cliff to assist in future climbs upward. Rosaline was aware of the weather (cloudy and wet from rain), and used an ability that her god The Daghda gives her to predict the weather a week in advance. Taking into account the weather over the next couple of days to discover when it would rain, be cloudy, etc., the group chose to camp on the edge of the narrow trail and proceed up the following day. This also gave her the time to prepare more plant growth spells so that she could strengthen the vegetation on the cliffs to make it even easier to climb.

The next day she called lightning and with a special glass globe she possessed (with storm clouds swirling inside) she was able to enhance it. The already cloudy skies turned grayer, lightning began to flash and thunder rebounded off the cliffs. She was levitated up the cliff-face to get within range and with the guidance of Martin’s Cyclops head to pinpoint where the Azdacha was, she sent down strikes of lightning upon it! It only took two strikes and it was destroyed!

And that was where we left that session! I have to say that I was not expecting the Azdacha to go down so easily! But the creativity of the player who used the druid, as well as the players who made maximal use of their character’s class abilities and magic items was impressive (several characters have slippers of spider climbing, which should come in useful in the next session when they ascend the cliff and get ever closer to the cliff plives). All is going very well for them, but they have heard rumors that a witch or hag lives at the higher elevation, secluded, and tending to her exotic herb garden secure in her private domain. But they will all learn about that next week!

Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 70


The Army of the Light encounters 20 animated severed heads that speak to them and bestow an array of magical gifts – and several curses – to the party members!

Llewelyn, Elf Cleric 6/Wizard 5 of Sehanine Moonbow
Elgiva, Elf
Cleric 1/Wizard 1/Archer 1 of Sehanine Moonbow
Elf Cleric 6 of Sehanine Moonbow
Gnome Harlequin (Rogue 5/Illusionist 2) of Hermes
Half-Orc Barbarian 5 of Haephestus
Half-Orc Dragonslayer 5 of Crom
Human Bard 2 of St. Cecilia
Half Elf (Elfin Heritage) Druid 6 of The Daghda
Human Monk 5 of St. Agathos
 Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 6 of Arcanus
Wright Dawnbreaker, 
Human Paladin 1 of St. Luther

Amelia, Half-Elf (human lineage) Bard 2/Illusionist 1 of Apollo
Skuld, Elf Sorceress 4 of Odin
Gnoosh, Gnome Rogue 6/Illusionist 5 of Baravar Cloakshadow
Martin, Human Rogue 6 of Bacchus
Gimli “Rot Face”, Dwarf Berserker 6 of Odin
Zen, Human Monk 5 of St. Agathos

Inaros, Human Cleric of Osiris
Dhekeon “the Disgraced,” fallen skeletal paladin of St. Justus (seeking redemption)

Game Diary:
After several sessions dealing with gargoyles, the group was ready to leave the Barrowmaze, head back to Ironguard Motte and level up so that they could adventure some more. Luckily for them they discovered a room with a secret door leading to a barrow mound where 30 severed heads. Ten had deteriorated, but twenty were still “functional.” What does that mean? It means that when spellcasters cast detect thoughts, detect magic, and detect evil, that many of these heads glowed to various degrees. When Balthazar cast detect thoughts and walked up and down the room where the heads were resting on shelves, they all spoke to him, sometimes mentally and verbally.

Artwork from Barrowmaze Complete.

offered the power of charming Balthazar’s enemies, the cyclops head allowed someone to see far beyond any natural range, the minotaur ensured that a person would never be lost, the witch would curse a foe, etc. Balthazar went along the shelf pushing the heads into his bag of holding! Some were quite skeptical and shook their heads with how dangerous this might be, but eventually others decided they wanted a head for themself.

Artwork from Barrowmaze Complete.

Once back at their headquarters in Ironguard Motte the wizards cast identify on the heads and then began to decide who wanted which head. They are described below, and with an important caveat regarding the heads provided afterward.

Balthazar took a wizard head that would detect magic, a homunculus head that would comprehend languages, and a witch head that would curse people. He also took the head of a woman who could only be described as a nagging wife! She bad mouthed him, ridiculed him, put him down, made him aware of how worthless he was. He tried to get rid of the head but discovered that he is now cursed and that if he gets rid of the head it returns to remind him how lazy and useless he is!

Roulf took the minotaur head that allowed him to never get lost and a zombie head which cursed him with a rotting disease! He immediately began to smell and disgusting fluids began to dribble out from pustules and through his pores. Much like Gimli experienced last year when he was afflicted with a rotting curse, this will have quite the effect on him!

Rosaline took the head of a large Scandinavia troll that would open its large mouth and offer to hold things of importance in it – its mouth functioned as a bag of holding! It was also quite friendly and talkative!

Zen received the head of a dwarf, which gave him deepvision as well as the head of a blind man, which bestowed clairvoyance.

Skuld took the head of a thief, this allowed her to detect traps.

Martin got the head of a huge cyclops, which allowed him to see things vast distances away and make them 100x closer, he thought it would be very useful to mount this head in an area that would allow him to survey the surrounding lands. He also grabbed a head of a tavern drunk, which would spew forth a stinking cloud.

Llewelyn became the owner of an elf head that provided divination.

Gorgat took a mummified head that could cause fear.

Gnoosh received the head of a marionette that could make use of ventriloquism.

Amelia snatched the head of the succubus which could charm person.

Wright took a paladin head which, after several days of lecturing him on what it takes to become a worthwhile paladin, bestowed him with two points to his charisma score, increasing it to 20 and elevating his leadership and influence.

I pointed out above that there were a few important caveats regarding these heads:
1) They only have a limited number of “charges,” so the wizards in the party will need to recharge them with magic when they become powerful enough to do so.
2) Most of these powers only work if the character has the head with them, which does complicate matters. Examples: place the cyclops head on the top of a tower in a mountain range and he could see things for you for many dozens of miles. The blind man allows you to use clairvoyance for any place you’ve previously been, so that could be used from his home. But in the case of heads like the mummy head that fears, the succubus that charms person, the wizard head that detects magic, and the marionette head that can use ventriloquism, will only work when it is in your presence, so either you cart a severed head around everywhere, or else you use it as a form of home defense.

Two New OSR Kickstarters Worth Looking Into.

There are currently two new OSR Kickstarters which present flexible, open, and usable ideas for those using any OSR game. Book of Lost Lore and Book of Lost Beasts presents alternate rules and expansions of OSR ideas found in 70’s-90’s D&D. Chromatic Dungeons does the same, except it also includes ideas that should successfully pull-in curious modern gamers interested in exploring the exciting possibilities of Old School gaming.

For me these are ideal since I run Castles and Crusades campaigns and C&C is a game system which uses a D20 inspired rule system (the SEIGE engine) along with AD&D 1st edition style character classes. As a result, I can create a sort of “greatest hits” from all eras of Dungeons and Dragons. Indeed, of the two C&C campaigns I run one of them is comprised mostly of players in their late teens to early 20s and the other group is comprised mostly of people in their 50s and 60s. As you can imagine, this presents me with remarkably diverse perspectives on how players approach the game and attempt to solve problems, and I find both approaches energizing and exciting.

But let us get to the Kickstarters. The first I want to look at is the Book of Lost Lore and Book of Lost Beasts by BRW Games. Joseph Bloch, the writer of these books, is the creator of Adventures Dark and Deep (ADD) which imagines what a 2nd edition AD&D game would have looked like if Gary Gygax had created it. But even if you do not use his game system these are compatible with anything from the various Basic D&D versions through 1st and 2nd edition AD&D.

What these new books will provide backers are new classes (e.g., skald, blackguard), races (e.g., centaurs, half-drow), spells, monsters (200), alternative combat systems, two alternate treasure systems, an alternative to AD&D 2nd edition non-weapon proficiencies, rules for weather, and a system for social encounters. It looks to have close to 300 pages of material spread out over two books. Assuming he keeps the same format of his previous books the font and style will be similar to the AD&D 1st edition core books as well as black and white art reminiscent of the 70s and 80s. I’ve enjoyed the ADD work he’s done in the past, and I look forward to acquiring these new enhancements which I can insert into my C&C games.

Next, we have Chromatic Dungeons. One nice thing about this Kickstarter is that the differences from older versions of D&D are clearly laid out in detail by bullet point and four multi-page samples are available for download (indeed, the books are already written and will be delivered this autumn), this allows me to see in greater detail what is being offered. Looking at these samples you will see that they also have the AD&D 1st edition font style as well as charts and art which are reminiscent of the late 70s and 80s. Just like the previous Kickstarter this is a standalone system you can use; however, it can also operate as ideas which you can insert into your OSR game of choice. Which is exactly how I plan to use this for my C&C games.

Like any OSR tool kit there are a plethora of things which you can insert – or not insert – into your game. For example, it uses three alignments similar to B/X: lawful, neutral, and chaotic. There is no fancy skill system, skill resolutions are simply based on an ability check, so it is rules-light, like many of us OSR folk are familiar with and embrace. In old school gaming we are familiar with attribute modifiers based on race. This game has chosen to switch that to the character classes. Thus, if you are a Fighter you get a +1 to Strength, if you are a Cleric you get a +1 to Wisdom, if you are a Druid you get a +1 to your Charisma (presumably because druids need that for their communication with plants and animals). Now, this isn’t completely new, for if you recall specialty priests from AD&D 2nd edition, a god of poetry, for example, would provide a worshipper with a +1 to Charisma and warrior gods might provide a bonus to Str or Con. So, this is not an alien concept for old school, nonetheless, to see it codified in the rules is quite interesting. I know for my C&C games I do use racial attribute modifiers, as well as occasionally use attribute modifiers for certain classes based on the gods that are worshipped, so I currently use a hybrid version of this idea. So, when I get this book, I can take a closer look at how I can mix and match ideas using both racial modifiers and class modifiers for attributes. As with anything in the OSR, it does not have to be either/or, it can be a mixture of options, since we are all about modifying things as we see fit to make them suitable for the campaigns we envision.

In this game the term “race” has been replaced by “ancestry.” Some will see this as an idea drawn from modern gaming. But if you wish to keep the term as “race” – keep it! However, if you wish to incorporate a modern gaming term like “ancestry” as a gateway or opening for some members of modern gaming to enter old school gaming, this can be a way of doing it. Regardless of whether you go with the term “race” or “ancestry,” the abilities available to the races/ancestry are highly creative and will enhance your game (and there are lots of options – Bugbears, Centaurs, Gnolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Lizardmen, Minotaurs, Orcs, Bullyfrogs, etc.). This game doesn’t provide half races such as half-orcs or half-elves (with reasons provided, such as “why are there half-elves, but not half-dwarves”?), yet it gives you ideas for creating any type of half-race if you decide you do want them.

There is also a category called “Heritage.” This is a great way to create either new subraces/ancestries, new regional variants to differentiate subraces/ancestries, or I suppose as a way to incorporate a concept of “feats” into your game (feats not actually mentioned, it is simply my own thought from reading through the sample pages). It really is an amazing tool kit as I look at it (Heritage options are one of the download options in the Kickstarter).

The armor class system in this game is ascending, rather than descending (or using attack tables), but anybody who has played Swords and Wizardry, Old School Essentials, or Castles and Crusades, is aware that many OSR games have provided ascending AC as an option or fully left the descending AC in the past. Of course, if you wish to use descending AC it is quite easy to do so!

This rulebook organizes classes like AD&D 2nd edition (so you have Warriors and then underneath that are Fighters, Berserkers, Paladins, and Rangers). This game will introduce a crafting system (the six page preview they provide is pretty interesting), and it adds a new element to traditional treasure (such as finding rare and exotic items). All in all, I am excited to get this book (if it gets funded!) for this along with the previous Kickstarter mentioned provide an amazing set of tools and ideas to enhance in OSR game. So for anyone looking to enhance or expand their OSR game, I encourage them to check these two Kickstarters out!

Edit (18/9/2021): I review Chromatic Dungeons in this blog post.

Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 69


The showdown with the Barrowmaze Gargloyles, a bottomless pit, treasure, and artifact.

Llewelyn, Elf Cleric 6/Wizard 5 of Sehanine Moonbow
Gorgat, Half-Orc Barbarian 5 of Haephestus
Edward, Human Bard 2 of St. Cecilia
Rosaline, Half Elf (Elfin Heritage) Druid 6 of The Daghda
Zen, Human Monk 5 of St. Agathos
Balthazar, Elf (Mongrelman) Wizard 6 of Arcanus
Wright Dawnbreaker, Human Paladin 1 of St. Luther

Inaros, Human Cleric of Osiris
Dhekeon “the Disgraced,” fallen skeletal paladin of St. Justus (seeking redemption)

Gargoyle art from Dungeons & Dragons 5E Monster Manual

Preliminary statement:
Before I get to this diary, I should explain why there is such a delay from the previous blog post. The reason is that not long after our previous game session I had a great fall and broke my right arm. The result of that break meant that I spent several days in hospital with my arm in a splint and then eventually had surgery. I then spent the following week dealing with the post operation pain and the adjustment resulting from the surgery. Since I’m right-handed, I have been spending a substantial amount of time adjusting to using my left hand, which doesn’t work well for typing, mouse use, and, well, pretty much everything! (when I fell I landed hard on my arms and knees, so they are all bruised as well). When you include the pain medication I was taking, everything was a bit of a haze for awhile and required adjustment. For this diary entry I am voicing it into Word using their Dictate function and then copying and pasting it into WordPress when I am finished. I must say this is an interesting way of doing things and will take some adjusting (although I suspect once I finally figure out how to do this I’ll be able to use my right arm again!).

Game Diary:
When we left off last time the group had arrived at two double doors where they knew the gargoyle throne room was located. The group prepared to enter knowing that there was going to be the gargoyle leader Zygstral and a good number of gargoyles under his command. The battle was going to be furious! Just as the players were about to prep their spellcaster’s spells they heard a noise behind them. There was a door behind them facing north, and the door began to open. Looking inside they saw several humans, a dwarf and a hobbit beaten up, bruised, bloodied, and in loincloths and nothing else. It was clear they had been taken by the gargoyles, shackled up, kept mostly unfed and beat up for at least a week. They were malnourished and in bad shape. Yet they had somehow managed to break free of their shackles and while the two humans, dwarf and hobbit were wrestling with their gargoyle captor, the bearded and older male – clearly a wizard – had opened the door, saw the adventurers, and asked for their help. The players jumped into action swarming into the room and rather effortlessly killed the lone gargoyle. The wizard said his name was Wendyl and was most gracious to the characters. He promised to help the group if they could heal him and his companions up. Rosaline gave them all goodberries, this gave them the nourishment that they needed from the last week and some marginal hit points. The clerics then stepped in and healed most of them up to where they needed to be. By this point this group of adventurers went to the back of their room, picked up their belongings (which included weapons, armor, and a spelt component pouch for the wizard), and then looked at the adventures and said “let’s finish these gargoyles off!”

The Army of the Light, entering this adventure with nine members and two NPC’s, now acquired five more in support, making them more confident. Although they were also a bit cautious for Wendyl reached inside his component pouch, pulled out and rubbed a piece of charcoal in anticipation for something, and the wizards in the Army of the Light knew that Wendyl was prepping himself to cast fireball! With this new expanded Army of the Light, they opened the double doors.

They looked south into room before them, it was 30 feet wide and 60 feet long. Within, they saw Zygstral on the far southern end hovering above a throne. To his left and right were two gargoyle spellcasters, in front of the two spellcasters two 4 armed gargoyles, and in front of them a wall of eight normal gargoyles. Llewelyn immediately cast obscuring mist. This gave the group a place to go in and out of and not get targeted by spellcasters or ranged attacks. This has been a tactic the group has used before, and they have become comfortable with it. With this tactical choice setup, the warriors entered the mist and prepared themselves. Dhekeon and was the first to charge forward, summoning his undead fear aura which he has only used once before (as far as the group is aware), the effect of his fear put the eight gargoyles up front into a pattern of shaking cowardice rendering them ineffective in combat. With the normal gargoyles now largely out of action the lower-level members of the group could go and take care of them one by one with greater confidence, meanwhile the higher-level characters came in and the spellcaster started launching acid arrows and magic missiles from their hands. They soon discovered however that Zygstral had some form of protective globe around him which absorbed all the magic. Belthazar knew something had to be done and cast dispel magic on the sphere, it worked! The globe was dispelled! Dhekeon and at this point went forth in the combat to fight a forearm gargoyle but it tore off one of his arms with just one arm he managed to get it into a grapple keeping it at Bay quite a feat from the undead fallen paladin seeking redemption. One of the spell casting gargoyles now cast I haste spell on Zygstral troll he rose into the air his wings beating more quickly and his arms moving about with greater speed. The group knew that a normal gargoyle was going to do at least four attacks around with haste he was now going to get eight attacks in a round he shot down to Roulf an with eight attacks he only managed to get two attacks in successfully, I was very disappointed, although Roulf felt a great sense of relief! By this point Wendell and his group had emerged from the fog, he looked up above the fog to the 40-foot-high ceiling above and there saw Xxaxik and his four gargoyles (which had originally recruited the army of the light to assist in destroying his Zygstral so he could take command). But Wendell never agreed to this arrangement, he simply wanted all the gargoyles dead. It was at this point he handled his charcoal, voiced his wizardly chants, and launched a fireball directly towards the ceiling. All of Xxaxik’s gargoyle minions fell to the ground a pile of stone debris (along with parts of the ceiling). Xxaxik barely survived and managed some brief attacks but within a round he was also destroyed. Wendyl’s two human warriors, the dwarven warrior, and his Hobbit rogue, all went in and took care of the eight frightened gargoyle soldiers.

This battle was going much more successfully than I had ever envisioned! The high-level warriors and spellcasters could now focus exclusively on Zygstral, the two spellcasters, and the two four armed gargoyles (one of which was in a grapple with Dhekeon). The gargoyles remaining were now clearly outnumbered and outclassed. One of the gargoyle spellcasters cast haste on herself, but Balthazar was again ready with another dispel magic and soon she went down in battle.

Now it was time to seek out the treasure, for Xxaxik had made it clear there was treasure to be found. They found a secret door which led to a 10-foot passage to a dead end, but observant people discovered there was another secret door and they open that. Inside they found a room, roughly 40 by 20 feet, in the north corner they saw a chest, silver coffers a German crusted chalice and ivory statuettes. The first rank of the army of the light stepped into the room to collect the treasure which they so deservedly acquired. As they stepped forward the ground quaked and they had to make dexterity saving throws. All succeeded except for rosaline the druid, she like the ground beneath her, collapsed into a pit. One quick witted wizard cast feather fall on her descent slowed. Ralph threw a rope to her which she was able to grab. The group could now see the floor continuing to collapse into darkness, never hitting the bottom – it was a bottomless pit!

Once Roseline had been pulled back into the corridor the group saw they had a 5-foot ledge from their secret door a large empty space of nearly 20 by 40 foot and the treasure on a small strip oh ground now merely a shelf with a pit that went Into Darkness with no bottom. Llewelyn put on his slippers a spider climbing and climbed the walls of the room to the ledge where the treasure was on the other side, he had detect magic cast allowing him to assess the different items. Choosing carefully, he one by one took statuettes and coffers and a box back to the group. When he got to the final chest, however, it attacked him space- space it was a mimic! We rolled initiative between me and Llewelyn he managed to cast levitate on the map mimic, he was now prepared, if he had to, to push it into the open pit and then someone could cast dispel magic and it would fall forever. However, from the other side other group members fired their ranged weapons and the mimic was dispatched quite quickly. Again, I was surprised by the profound survivability of this group.

In the end when all was counted, they had thousands of gold pieces of new treasure coins and gems and jewelry. Kira who had the gauntlets of Palantas now had acquired their Rerebrace of Palantas. Another person acquired a powerful battle axe that Zygstral had possessed. And there were two very unique spellbooks, one of which had a displacer beast hide as its cover allowing it to change its appearance in a chameleon like fashion. So many amazing things happened in this adventure! With a bottomless pit, more than two dozen gargoyles with four to 8 attacks per round, spell casting gargoyles that could launch lightning bolts, this was a battle where I expected there to be at least a few casualties within the group, and yet this group plowed through this due to great creative and tactical thinking which led them to great success. A lot of experience points will be coming to these adventurers. Once I can return to using my arm and can write things down, we can resume gaming. For most of their exploration within the Barrowmaze they have explored many isolated areas, but they might have noticed they are now entering more clearly defined areas, with greater and more profound challenges. If this gargoyle section is any indication, however, this group could potentially plow through the new areas and rack up the experience points and magic items they need to make themselves even more invincible! Or will the dungeon get the better of them?