Castles & Crusades Diary: Dragonclaw Barony, session 23.

The Adventurers finish exploring the Tomb of the Barbarian Prince Thorin Zuse and return to Dale. Enroute rot vultures and grimlocks attack them. Upon returning to Dale, several gain a level, and rest for a month as they prepare for their next adventure.

Jabari Rajul-min Alshrq, Human Monk/Cleric (class and a half) of Horus
Magnus, Gnome Druid of Belenus
Sir Sandwyche, Human Paladin of St. Agathos
Gwar, Half-Orc Barbarian of Crom
Endur “the Thick”, Human Fighter of Gobniu
Malcolm, Human Wizard/Bard (class-and-a-half) of Arcanus
Homonoea, Human Dragonslayer/Giant Killer (class-and-a-half) of Athena
Rok, Half-Orc Fighter of Crom
Anne, Elven Cleric/Rogue of Laeroth

Thorthic Norain, Dwarven Barbarian/Cleric of Thor

Game Diary:
Although the players didn’t know it, there were just two rooms left to explore in the Tomb of Thorin Zuse. Those rooms were quickly explored and more treasure was found, and from there they focused on how they were going to get all their treasure out (several thousand gold pieces, some chests, and four massive tapestries. It took them half a day, but they managed to carry their findings through secret and small hatchways, and up stairways several hundred feet up to the surface. Even though they had been underground for several days, the horses they had left behind were safe, but hungry.

They had a several day journey to get back to the town of Dale. During their first day a group of rot vultures smelled the death of Juhraveal (the half-elf rogue who had died in the previous session and was now being taken back to Dale for burial). Endur was riding on the horse that carried Juhraveal and he fought to defend her body as the undead vultures swooped down from the sky.

“Scavenger” art by Shin KongZilla @klawarts (Twitter)

Endur fought one of them off while two others chose to attack Rok. The group attacked with magic missiles, bows, and spears. As they went down Rok galloped forward on his mount to fight the one near Endur, but he rolled a critical fail and ended up critically hitting Endur! Fortunately, Endur didn’t get hurt too badly and they got the last rot vulture down. The smell of them caused many to vomit.

For their first nights rest the people on second watch were attacked by grimlocks, gray-skinned, blind, humanoids that normally dwell underground. The night sky was cloudy and there was no moon out, so all they had to rely on for light was their campfire. There were only two of them and those on watch dealt with them just as the other members of the group were awakened. The group took note of where this happened, for if grimlocks could be found coming to the surface in this area of the Llancrest Wood, that could mean there may be a deep cave system or even access to the underworld nearby.

Overall this was a rather light session and a couple of characters leveled up. Several months back I sent emails to players with information their characters might have which could lead to future adventures. So whenever an adventure comes to an end I let the players make a pitch for what to do and where to go next. After discussing some of their options they agreed to head in two weeks to an abandoned village bordering the Llancrest Forest where the Zombraire Estate is located, a home of former nobles, for if you are looking for treasure, then an estate where a noble family once dwelled could be a good choice! When our next session comes in two weeks I will supply them with more information (their characters did take a one month break) and they will head out.