Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 52.

The Army of the Light encounters a pool room with a Water Weird, and a secret room with two Gargoyles – that spew Green Slime! – protecting a chest filled with magical items. While working to deal with this a Wight stumbles in (its left foot is missing) looking to drain the life from them. Did they survive unharmed?

A pool with a Water Weird lurking within. Previous victims lie nearby (artwork from Barrowmaze Complete).

Game Diary:
Continuing where they left off last week in the north-west corner of the Barrowmaze, they enter a large room 100 feet long filled with a large central pool. To either side are four pillars and four very large wall mounted torches. There are also a series of bodies lying to the side of the pool with weapons lying by their side. Balthazar the wizard casts detect magic and sees that there is a magical shield, broadsword, and chain shirt lying before them. They want to retrieve these items, but they are cautious, for they can see no weapon wounds on the dead people and they aren’t sure what has had killed them. The rogue, Martin, steps forward and tosses a gold coin into the pool. At that point a watery pseudopod which moves like a serpent launches itself from the pool, enveloping Martin, and pulling him into the pool. He fails his saving throw and because of being held and squeezed underwater he begins to drown. The other nine characters move in launching spells and attacking with their weapons. The water weird has great potential to take down adventurers, but the Army of the Light is bold and unrelenting, and their attacks beat it down to nothing almost immediately and it’s body dissipates into the water. Moments later, Martin is released. After coming up for breath, Martin points out that he notices a nice number of silver, gold, and platinum coins in the pool, as well as a key. Since he is already wet, he takes the time to retrieve them.

Gargoyles ready to spew green slime protect a chest filled with magical items (artwork from Barrowmaze Complete).

The next major area the group enters is a room with two gargoyles surrounding an attractive looking chest. Rosaline, the druid, steps forward and attempts to place a gold coin in the open mouth of the gargoyle to her right as an offering. Doing so she notices a green residue in its mouth going down its hollow throat. With the intent to examine the chest clear, the gargoyle guardians spring to life. The one where Rosaline placed the gold coin into its mouth attempts to claw, bite and ram her with its horn. It misses with all its attack except one – the bite – and that attack results in it vomiting forth green slime, covering her left arm and spreading onto her shoulder and the left side of her torso. The other gargoyle attacks her as well and misses with all of its attacks! The group jumps in with weapon blows and magic missiles. The second round kicks in and both gargoyles again somehow miss nearly all their attacks (I am so disappointed with my dice!). Still, the green slime has by now destroyed half of Rosaline’s clothes and her armor. But she is lucky in that just before she stepped forward she had cast barkskin, and this was slowing down the green slime absorbing her into it, for as it ate away the woody exterior, the energy from the spell brought the bark exterior back.

At this point the group heard a strange stumping sound and looking behind them they see the piercing black lights coming from the eye sockets of an undead with white skin pulled tight around it – it was a wight – an no one was interested in losing an experience level from it’s attacks! Gorgat, the barbarian, marched toward it and tried to intimidate it with his attack, but he missed. The wight smiled. Others stepped up to it and pounded it as well.

The group was split in two, but with five players using two characters and one NPC, there was enough people to take care of the threats both in front and behind them. This was made much easier by the fact that the gargoyles had missed most of their attacks and the PC’s had not, so the gargoyles dropped dead to the ground at almost the same time as the wight was moving in for an attempt to steal a PC’s life essence. The monsters were foiled again!

The Army of the Light decided this was enough adventuring, stuck the chest in their bag of holding, and headed back to Ironguard Motte. Once back in their cozy organizational head quarters, they identified all their new loot: +1 shield, +2 broadsword, +1 chain shirt, a spell book with several unique spells from past wizards in the Barrowmaze region, and a conical wizard hat that provides a magic-user with a +1 on concentration checks to overcome losing its spell. Several characters leveled up and next time they will have to decide how much time they are going to take off before returning to the Barrowmaze. There are also several local events in the Duchy of Aerik which are about to take off, Lunacy which is the event when the two moons in my world are full and lycanthropes increase in power and go wild, and Thorgrimr, a local Viking lord who is organizing a Thing (which is a Viking governing assembly for the local community), and some players are interested in what might result from that. There is always something going on in my Barrowmaze campaign, next week we’ll find out what the players engage in!