Rackham Vale

I love classic fantasy art. February is Zinequest on Kickstarter, and Rackham Vale is inspired by the art of Arthur Rackham. My campaigns are filled with folklore from the past, and classic art like Rackham’s adds a lot to the look and feel I like to present to my players. When funded, this is offering:

  • An original map with key locations identified (can be used as a point-crawl map if so desired), 
  • factions spread with relationships charted for easy reference, 
  • Adventure hooks
  • An illustrated bestiary with twelve new creature interpretations of Rackham’s artwork, 
  • Tables for creating new settlements, random encounters, and creatures that fit the setting. 

The monsters have OSR-compatible stats (see the No-Moon Crone example listed). Once funded, I am curious what stretch goals might emerge during its last 8 days.

Edit: Since writing this post, the Rackham Vale kickstarter has been delivered and I have reviewed it in this post.