Castles & Crusades Diary: Barrowmaze, Session 51.

The Army of the Light marched through the northwest portion of the Barrowmaze, slaying a large variety of undead as they went (e.g. wights, exploding bone skeletons, funeral pyre zombies, fossilized skeletons, and sons of Gaxx – zombie-like undead with rot grubs squirming out of their bodies). They could not be stopped!

(art by Markus Neidel)

Game Diary:
Several times in recent sessions the group would get involved with a major combat or a series of mysterious rooms that have mysteries that need to be solved. But in this session there were no major mysteries or puzzles, and no major combat that took up a lot of time. Instead, they were able to march from room to room taking down one type of undead after another.

But don’t get the feeling that they were all easy. Early on they encountered two wights, which of course can drain away a character’s life experiences and life essence (i.e. drain away a character’s levels).

The Son’s of Gaxx were another type of undead they encountered. These are a rotting undead creature that have rot grubs squirming out of its mouth, eyes, and other rotting openings in their body. We all know how dangerous rot grubs can be (quick death!), so the players knew they had to take these down as quickly as possible. The Army of the Light can be quite bold sometimes, and in this case when they saw some rot grubs enter the body of Gorgat, their barbarian friend, Balthazar, one of the wizards abruptly launched a fireball into the room where the Sons of Gaxx adn Gorgat were to be found, and the room was engulfed in flame! Gorgat got 22 hit points of damage, but the rot grubs were destroyed!

There were also exploding bone skeletons. They were a type of skeleton which moved slowly and had a black inverted triangle on their forehead. When these skeletons were struck their final blow, they would blow up, sending bone fragments everywhere!

Funeral pyre zombies. When they were struck in combat, they erupted in flames, burning everyone around them. When close together, if one erupted in flames, this could trigger the one next to it in a domino effect. The players just by accident played this well, for when they saw six of these undead, Llewelyn cast web, which covered 4 of them. The group then set off the other two pyre zombies, and then proceeded to work on the remaining four knowing that they were restrained by the web. They then triggered the burst of flame one by one on the remaining four. It did burn away the web, but they were destroyed as well, so it didn’t matter!

Finally, there were fossilized skeletons. Due to the contact of limestone and mineralized water with their bones, their bones were made almost as hard as rock. One warrior shoved their spear through its rib cage and get lodged within, it then turned to the side and the warrior found the weapon torn from his hand. Others attacked, but the bones were resistant to many of their attacks, and they had to be more careful with their attacks to make sure that weapons would not get blunted or ruined. The session ended after this encounter, and next week we will see what they plan to do next.

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