Character Creation Challenge: Basic Fantasy

Today for the Character Creation Challenge I take a look at Basic Fantasy. I quite like this game. When I quit D&D in 2018 and began looking for a new game to call my own, I reduced my options at the time to Castles & Crusades (C&C) and Basic Fantasy (BF). They were both important to me, because it allowed me to go old school, but not sacrifice advancements that have been made in game design since the 1980s. C&C uses a d20 system and models characters more off AD&D, and BF uses d20 and models races and classes off early 1980’s Basic D&D. I may have shifted to old school gaming, but I do want to be able to grab some of the useful ideas from 3E or 5E once in a while. C&C won out in the end as my game of choice, but BF remains important in that my Saturday Dragonclaw Barony campaign has been based on BF adventures since last summer and will remain so through (probably) this summer. As a result, I am making use of BF adventures and monsters for every Saturday adventure.

I began by rolling 3d6 down the line and wondered what races/classes would be available to me. As you can see below, I rolled very well! I chose dwarf fighter. Being modeled off early 1980’s D&D character creation is simple. The attribute bonuses and what they do are easily explained on the character sheet itself (perhaps the easiest and best explained of the character sheets I’ve used for this challenge). I rolled 3d6x10 for starting gold, got 100gp, and went about buying equipment (I wrote that down on the back of the character sheet in the equipment section). I bought the usual backpack, rations, rope, etc. After leather armor, a shield, hand axe, and light crossbow, were purchased, I had 23gp remaining and Ukrun was nearly ready for battle. I then just had to roll hit points, write down his dwarven abilities, reference the attack tables, and saving throw tables to complete filling in the sheet and he was done.

I’ve said this before with other entries in this character creation challenge, but I do wish there were people who ran BF at conventions, because I want to experience this game as a player. I guess I can only hope.