Character Creation Challenge: Labyrinth Lord

After previously making a Blueholme character for the Character Creation Challenge, today I used Labyrinth Lord (LL). I do have familiarity with LL, since my Tuesday Castles & Crusades game is based in the Barrowmaze and that was made for LL, thus on a weekly basis, I make use of LL encounters, monsters, traps, and ideas. Still, I’ve never sat down and made a LL character before. Whereas Blueholme is based on the 1977 Basic D&D set, LL relies upon its successor – the 1981 Basic D&D set.

Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Labyrinth Lord

Character creation begins as follows:
“Character Abilities must be determined by rolling randomly. Roll 3d6 for each of the abilities. The Labyrinth Lord may allow you to roll abilities in any order, or in order as listed here.” I rolled and got less than stellar attributes (5, 8, 7, 10, 11, 15), but since I am the Labyrinth Lord for the purposes of this character creation, I distributed them the way I liked. I chose to be a Halfling and put my best three scores in Dexterity, Constitution, and Strength, and the three low attributes in Wisdom, Charisma, and Intelligence. The result is that Elmin will get bonuses to his armor class, missile attacks and initiative, but when it comes to Intelligence, he is unable to read or write!

My character made using the basic Labyrinth Lord rule set

Since LL is based on 1981 Basic, your race is your class, which is a simplicity I really like (the game I run – Castles & Crusades (C&C) – models character classes more on AD&D, but race-as-class has been brought into C&C – in the World of Aihrde, for example – and I am in the process of doing that as well for my C&C homebrew campaigns).

I like the Halfling racial abilities: 90% hiding in outdoor settings, hiding in shadows underground on a 1-2 on 1d6, initiative modifier of +1 when alone or traveling with other halflings (I would really love to have a halfling-only party! I don’t see that happen much anymore in gaming, most people go for a very diverse group of characters, but to have all halfings, dwarves, or elves, could be a lot of fun), +1 on missile attacks, AC is -2 versus larger than human size creatures, and halflings get a d6 hit die.

I gave Elmin a Neutral alignment. LL uses the three alignment system of chaotic, lawful, and neutral. As I mentioned in my Blueholme character creation, I like the stripped down system (C&C uses the full nine alignment AD&D system, but putting greater emphasis on the cosmic alignments of law and chaos in my Barrowmaze game adds some unique flavor to that campaign). Finally, I rolled his starting money and got 140 gold pieces, after buying weapons (short sword and sling), armor (leather), and essential items such as backpack, bedroll, torches, rations, waterskin, etc., he ended up with 99 gp. Also, even though half his attributes are below average, he still gets a +5% XP bonus since his prime requisite of Dexterity is higher than 13. It was a lot of fun making Elmin, and it went very quickly. I do like being able to make characters quickly.

So that is it for this character creation. So far I’ve done Blueholme and LL, coming up through the remainder of this month is BECMI, Basic Fantasy, Old School Essentials, Adventures Dark and Deep, Swords & Wizardry, and Low Fantasy Gaming.