Christmas 2020, Part II

Christmas – a blizzard hits Minnesota leaving 9 inches of snow in 9 hours. And I put on beard ornaments for the first time as part of my Christmas gear.

I wanted a White Christmas. Even though Minnesota should’ve had nearly a foot of snow by this time of the month, there was no snow outside. But things were about to change – a blizzard was about to arrive the day before Christmas (23rd), and where I lived 9 inches fell in about 9 hours. However, since it was a blizzard we had wind gusts of up to 65mph, which is why when you look at the photos below you’ll see part of my patio empty of snow, and other parts with drifts three feet high.

My patio at 11 am on the 23 December.
My patio later that evening.

On the morning of the 24th I awoke and was excited for the new day – presents and food!

Christmas morning just out of bed. I can’t wait to open my presents.

Getting dressed I put on beard ornaments for the first time. I think this will become a regular part of my Christmas kit in the future!

Dressed for the day with my Krampus shirt and beard ornaments.

I got my Christmas meal from a local tavern that was offering takeaway Christmas meals during this pandemic shutdown. The amount of food was for 4-5 people, so enough for me for the next couple days. Also, from my time living in various parts of Europe, I got used to celebrating Christmas differently (which is why I do my Christmas present opening and meal on Christmas Eve instead of on Christmas Day, it also means I have an extra day to enjoy the food I’ve made and the presents I opened!).

Christmas morning meal.

Coming up in Part III: my presents (a lot of historical books, calendars, and some unique books from a Swedish RPG game).

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