New Viking Garb, part II

A few days ago I revealed a new Viking helmet and tunic I got myself. Today I put on some of the other Ren Faire gear I have to see the more complete ensemble – I am quite happy!

The padded coif I have will make the 11 pound helmet (12 gauge steel with chain aventail) much more comfortable to wear when I attend Ren Faires. My sword, jewelry, cloak, and pouches (some are covered up by the cloak in the pictures), along with some new bracers symbolizing Yggdrasil (the world tree) that will be arriving soon, will add even more character to my overall appearance.

Attending the Minnesota Ren Faire (late August through early October) should be fun next year. It will be refreshing to dress noticeably different from the garb I’ve worn over the previous 20+ years. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is how much weight I’ve gained (some of the belts I wear to hold my sword and my pouches are feeling a little small!). I’ll need to work on that!

Me (with a friend) in some of the Ren Faire garb I wore in 2005. It was really hot that day so I chose not to wear my leather doublet.

I still like my sword (although it is obviously peace bonded at Ren Faires), but I could still use a Viking shield, and am on the look-out for a nice one to carry at Ren Faires and mount on my wall the rest of the time. I also need new footwear. Those long knee-high leather boots aren’t Viking appropriate, and after 20 years (as I enter my late-40’s) my body is changing and they have become too small and uncomfortable for me. I have gained weight as I mentioned above, but I also now have flat feet and am on medication for gout, so I have to be very picky when it comes to footwear, since I need space in my shoes for special insoles with arch support. As a result, these issues have changed my foot size from 12-13 feet (American) to size 14-15, which makes it very difficult to get footwear, especially niche Ren Faire/cosplay footwear.

Once I get my Viking bracers and trousers I will probably do a third round of pictures. Maybe by then it will be snowing outside (I am in Minnesota and it is mid-December!) and I can get pictures out doors! I should also do a photo comparison of how I’ve changed in 25 years of attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!