Castles & Crusades: Barrowmaze Campaign, Session 44.

The elven wizard’s mooncat drives a necrolyte insane. A 7ft tall amber statue is placed inside a portable hole as loot! The paladin encounters multitudes of rot grubs getting projected out of an undead corpse that is on fire!

Game Diary:
We left off last game with the Army of the Light taking down half a dozen Crypt Knights of Nergal with two Necrolyte’s of Nergal about to unleash spells on them. The session began with the arcane thief absorbing the ice storm that was about to envelop the party, and Cobalt, the paladin, was struck by three magic missile. Seraph, the elven wizard, sent in her mooncat and it rubbed itself against one of the necrolyte’s legs. Due to the phase of the moon the necrolyte became struck with insanity and was unable to function except stagger back in fear of it (and close to a giant web that another wizard had cast behind it). With one necrolyte made non-functional and harmless, the others piled in on the remaining one. To protect himself he cast blink to avoid getting hit and to give himself time to plan another attack or to escape. However, with 14 characters throwing spells at him (for example, one caster sent three magic missiles his way, and his blinking in and out of existence meant only one of them hit), and with ranged and melee weapons striking from every angle, it was only a matter of time before he went down under the barrage.

From there the group went back to exploring rooms, where they in turn battled robed skeletal warriors, ghouls, and zombies and a juju zombie in a storage room filled with bodily remains (either waiting to be placed in crypts, or having been recently removed from some). While exploring crypts for treasure, Cobalt was moving his arms in and about burial niches and was quite pleased with the gold pieces and statuary he was discovering, only to realize that he felt some movement on his arm and under his skin – rot grubs had entered his body! As others assisted in removing parts of his armor, fire was placed directly on his arm, shoulders, and upper body, burning them out (and causing him damage).

Moving on from that they saw some giant rats skitter along a corridor, obviously running from something, so they traced them back to a passage to a self-new contained area of the Barrowmaze. Descending stone stairs they entered a new room, and after opening a door within nearly walked into a room filled with yellow mold. Luckily, strange, random, alien thoughts were detected causing them to pause long enough to get others to place oil, light torches, and then step back to allow it to burn it all away.

Moving into the next room from a door in the north, the players see a door in the south east corner, and a 7 foot tall statue seemingly carved from a massive piece of amber directly next to the door in the south central portion of the room. The players seemed uneasy about this. The druid stepped forward to communicate with it on the chance that it might be sentient, but there was no response. Not taking any chances, a player with a portable hole opened it up and placed it over its head, pulled it down to its feet, and then with it in his portable hole, closed it up and put it away to bring back to Ironguard Motte for a statue to be placed in their head quarters!

They then entered the south room and found a sarcophagus in the center of the 20 x 20 foot room. Sensing undead and evil within, Chonk, the half-orc barbarian opened it up and Cobalt raised his saint’s mace to strike it. Upon opening Cobalt saw a moist and rotting corpse inside with rot grubs squirming in and out of eye sockets, nose and ears, as well as through holes in the cheeks. The room was suddenly filled with moisture and rot, and the ground became slick. As it rose from the sarcophagus, some characters threw in oil, and others tossed in torches and the creature erupted in flames as Cobalt swung his mace down upon it. Doing so damaged the rotting undead carrying the rot grubs, but with every blow rot grubs flew out of its body, impacting Cobalt (and possibly getting into his helmet or under his armor pieces), and causing other characters to duck and scatter. Not yet destroyed, but still burning, some of the rot grubs were getting burned by the flames and began popping out of the undead like popcorn (one player renamed them “pop grubs”), and others seemed to be launching themselves out of the body to escape the fire. Cobalt struck down again with his mace and the undead was destroyed, but it now seemed highly probably that more rot grubs were on/in him. And that was the cliffhanger where we left the adventure! Is Cobalt infested again? If so, can he remove his armor in time to burn them out? They find out next Tuesday!

Rot grubs emerging!