Castles & Crusades: Barowmaze Campaign, Session 38

The Army of the Light battle a mighty and frightening bog monster in the Barrowmoor spawned by the churning forces of chaos pouring forth from the Pit of Chaos in the Barrowmaze.

Game Diary:
Two players that stepped away from the game in March when Covid ended face-to-face meetings rejoined the game tonight in our current Discord setup and brought with them their great characters that have been missing these last few months:
Kyra – Elven Cleric of Sehanine (Elven/Celtic)
Seraphina – Elven Wizard of Sehanine (Elven/Celtic)
Chonk – Half-Orc Barbarian/Cleric of The Morrigan (Celtic)

The Army of the Light was in Bogtown recovering from their previous adventure fighting wyverns and negotiating with Neanderthals for the release of peat gatherers. Quite by their surprise their old friends entered the Toasty Troll Tavern after more than 9 months away and told them the elves of the Wyrdwood had been getting attacked and killed at a point where the Wyrdwood met the Barrowmoor by a monstrous and mysterious creature augmented by pure chaos. The adventures grabbed their mounts and headed off to help!

The Toasty Troll Tavern in Bogtown (art from Barrowmaze Complete)

They departed Bogtown during a massive downpour and thunderstorm, which reduced their travel by more than half through the forest and swamp. As a result they needed to camp for the evening before starting again the next day. As the storm passed four hungry sabre-toothed cats entered their camp to attack. The battle could’ve been rough, but a well placed color spray from Gnoosh, the gnome rogue/illusionist, sped up their success.

Sabre-toothed cat

The rest of the night passed uneventfully and within an hour after breaking camp the next day they found the area where the bog beast should be, but their observation skills were not as robust enough to detect it. Almost too late two tentacles rose from the swampy brown and mossy muck and began constricting Llewelyn, the Elven Cleric/Wizard, and Belden, the Gnome Bard. It was a tight squeeze for the two and they knew they were not strong enough to break free. The remaining group of 11 characters got to work with their axes, arrows, maces and polearms striking the tentacles and the strange undulating body that resembled decayed vegetable matter. The bludgeoning weapons did no damage, and the slashing and piercing did less than they should have, and all this was in spite of the fact most were magical – it made no difference! As the fighting types tried their best to slowly wear it down, Llewelyn and Belden noticed that it was slowly healing itself! The spellcasters got to work. A blast of fire shot forth from one Elf’s circlet, engulfing it in flames – no effect! Another Elven Wizard brought down an ice storm pummeling it with ice shards and snow. Some damage. Gnoosh summoned the whiplike tendrils of his dark chaos – it did something! It was a slow slog, the clerics in the groups gathered near Llewelyn and Belden and healed them as they continued to get constricted, and the warriors and wizards slung weapons and spells at it until finally it went down. And then they continued attacking it to make sure it was dead!

The shambling bog monster of chaos

Much treasure was found within the fleshy folds of its body – over a thousand gold, gems, a suit of magical ring mail, a magical mace, and an intact bird cage(!) among other things. The group picked up the dead elven bodies the creature had left in its path, delivered them to the elves in the Wyrdwood, and an incredible funeral took place in the ancient tree citadels in which they dwelled (although only the elves could participate, the others were only able to hear the howls of sorry for the loss followed by the music and celebration of their lives from an encampment just outside the elven territory).

The next morning the Army of the Light returned to Bogtown, and from there Ironguard Motte to identify their magic items and prepare to return to the Barrowmaze. The Pit of Chaos, which they swore to destroy with their Fount of Law artifact, needs to be done now. The dangerous aberrations which it is creating is causing too much destruction not just within the Barrowmaze, but in the surrounding areas above. Next week they enter the Barrowmaze to confront this epic opening into pure Chaos – what will they find??