Castles & Crusades: Barrowmaze Campaign, Session 37.

The Army of the Light attacked by Wyverns in the Barrowmoor and negotiate with Neanderthals for the release of peat gatherers from Bogtown.

Barrowmaze Dramatis Personae:
Cobalt – Human Paladin of St. Agathos (Crusader Kingdoms)
Arthur – Human Oathsworn of Celestian (Crusader Kingdoms)
Gnoosh – Gnome Rogue/Illusionist of Arcanus (Celtic/Norse/Crusader Kingdoms)
Llewelyn – Cleric/Wizard of Sehanine (Elven/Celtic)
Gimli – Dwarven Berserker of Odin (Norse)
Cyron – Human Cleric of Charon (Classical)
Belden – Gnome Bard of Aengus (Celtic)
Kiaria – Human Seeker of Bast (Egyptian)
Zen – Human Monk of St. Agathos (Crusader Kingdom)
Ria – Human Pacer of Loki (Norse)
Martin – Human Rogue of Bacchus (Classical)
Thaddeus – Half-Elf (human lineage) Fighter/Rogue of Bacchus (Classical)
Eathelflath – Elf Rune Master (Erilaz) of Sehanine (Elven)
Balthazar – Elf Wizard of Arcanus (Celtic/Norse/Crusader Kingdoms)
Gorgat – Half-Orc Barbarian of Hephaestus (Classical)
Noro – Human Warrior Priest of Hyperion (Crusader Kingdom)
James – Human Arcane Thief of Arcanus (Celtic/Norse/Crusader Kingdoms)
Remi – Gnome Harlequin (Rogue/Illusionist) of Hermes (Classical)
Rosaline – Half-Elf (elf lineage) Druid of Daghda (Celtic)

Game Diary:
Choosing to take a break from the Barrowmaze, the Army of the Light left Ironguard Motte and headed to Bogtown to see what other equipment they could procure on the blackmarket (Bogtown is said to be the central location of the Shadow Thieves), as well as to pick up rumors of adventure. Upon arrival Cobalt, the paladin, headed to The Toasty Troll Tavern and met Herik Anguson, Ironguard’s designate in the village (Gnoosh, the accomplished gnome rogue-illusionist watched his back in this shady place). The paladin, so used to being admired and respected, was a bit taken aback by the response. It was difficult enough for Herik in Bogtown, since the people here wanted to be as far as possible from the laws and regulation of the Ironguard family that runs the Duchy. So when asked if there was anything Cobalt could do for Herik, he replied in a low voice that to be seen working with a paladin in this village would cause him to loose further influence and respect with the people, so no thank you.

The Duchy of Aerik, home to the Barrowmaze (map from Barrowmaze Complete, 2014).

Luckily, the other group members went to a market outside The Broken Buckler Trade Goods store and perused weapons and armor. There Kiaria, the Seeker of Bast, caught the attention of a man named Alzo Danuth. She inquired into leather armor of a higher quality than what she could find in the outdoor stalls and he led her into a back room where she was presented with a expertly crafted piece of leather armor. He shook her hand, happy to make her acquaintance, and they went about their way. Belden, the Bard inquired into upgrading this piccolo and heard that some peat gatherers had been taken by some Neanderthals in the area, and if he wanted to get a much finer crafted piccolo, he would have to find out what the Neanderthals did to that group. Once the rest of the group purchased what they wanted, they headed back to The Toasty Troll.

Cobalt and Gnoosh exited The Toasty Troll just as Alzo Danuth (who had just left after his meeting with Kiaria) walked by with a colleague of his and smiled, winked, and waved in a friendly manner at the paladin. But Gnoosh, being a rogue versed in thieves’ cant, realized a message was being sent directly to him with those hand signals and body language: “you are being watched.”

The group realized they needed a guide for this trip into the bog, and their normal Hobbit ranger Conwrick Pimkin was busy, so they recruited a Druid named Lugal-Urudu, a human worshipper of Anu (Mesopotamian god of the sky, mysticism, and creation). With him as their guide they went on their way into the peat bogs west of Bogtown. Almost immediately a group of six wyverns came swooping in from the sky, attracted by the shiny armor of Cobalt and Arthur. Several people were immediately physically weakened by the powerful poisonous stings of these beasts, made worse by the fact that the wyverns were almost always attacking first each round (I rolled a 10 on my d10 for the first three rounds of combat!). But they managed a comeback, and after the battle ended Cobalt and Lugal-Urudu removed the poison from their system.

Wyvern (art from

Lugal-Urudu eventually led them to an elevated cave in the swamp where the Neanderthals dwelled. Belden went forth to speak with the Neanderthal leader (luckily, he and his witch doctor were able to communicate in broken Common). The Army of the Light had picked up some treasure from the Wyverns earlier, and although the adventurers almost always roll their eyes when they hear about copper pieces, they were perhaps a bit surprised when the Neanderthal leader took an interest in the pieces of copper. After some tense negotiations (more than three dozen Neanderthal warriors had surrounded the group during these “talks”), the Neanderthal leader exchanged the 11 peat gatherers in exchange for 600 copper pieces, the piccolo, and they told Belden that their people should never enter their area of the bog again.

Returning to Bogtown, the group settled in for a few days to heal and recover spells, and next time they have shown interest in heading south into the Wyrdwood. Next week the adventures continue!