Difficulty finding the right fantasy RPG art (especially females)

Trying to find good art to represent a character can be such a difficult time-sink. I have two major NPCs that I will be introducing to one of my campaigns (luckily, not for a year, so I have time). My challenge is finding art for a human male monk, and an elven female dragonslayer (she’s actually three classes, but dragonslayer dominates). Here’s what I face with my requirements.

Human Male Monk:
– My monks are not the eastern ki-energy martial artists. Mine are the medieval fighting monks from the crusades, much more like medieval friars, although some also take classes in cleric, paladin, or knight to fit into a Templar Knight mold. I wish we had more practical medieval friar style crusading monk art.

Female Elven Dragonslayer:
– No chainmail bikini/boobplate armor.
– No armor in high heels.
– No cutesy anime.
– No over-sized MMORPG-type weapons or armor that are impossible for any person to wear or wield.

This Elven Knight by Alexandra Valentine approaches what I am looking for, although there should still be more protective armor on her.

My C&C games are located in a High Middle Ages timeframe (c. mid-12th century), so only dwarves have the ability to make plate armor (they are a couple centuries ahead of humans in armor making), only elves make or use rapiers, firearms do not exist, and magic is difficult and can’t be cast constantly.

By contrast, so much current D&D 5E-inspired art looks really cool, but it is Renaissance-era in how it represents clothes, weapons, and armor. Firearms are available. And everyone can casts spells that never run out and they are very flashy. So the art looks good, but it doesn’t relate to the look and feel of my game at all.

Is it possible to get any female fantasy RPG representation that is not over-sexed, overly cute, or turned into some superhero/MMORPG exaggeration? I’m glad I don’t need this NPC art until next year, since I suspect I’ll need that much time to find it! But as I scour the web for other general art from week to week for my games, this is a daily challenge, since most of the art is the current D&D 5E-inspired art. The old school art from the 70’s-90’s is a bit more rational, although this was also the heyday of chainmail bikinis. As a result I frequently end up with the more limited options found in history magazine/book art, such as Osprey Publishing.

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