Reducing Future RPG Purchases.

I do enjoy RPG’s! When I quit running D&D 5E in 2018 and began looking for a game that would allow me to borrow the best from previous versions of the game (emphasizing the earlier editions), as well as other, non-D&D RPG’s, it was Castles & Crusades that I switched to because of it’s flexibility to draw from other systems and emulate the feel I want for the game.

If you look at my previous post (which shows just my Castles & Crusades collection), I’ve got everything I would ever need for C&C gaming (for myself and my players).

I am about to complete my second month of unemployment (due to a Covid-related workforce reduction). While unemployed I am only spending money on my home, utilities, and food. Any and all RPG purchasing are on hold. Unemployment has really caused me to look carefully at what I think I want and what I actually need (in fact, it was back in February/March when things began to spiral down during the early days of Covid, that I began to back away from larger gaming purchases). In my previous blog post you can see my C&C collection. The other parts of my RPG collection substantially expands my gaming materials. If I am honest. I have enough gaming products to last me the rest of my life, and this is including the fact that I run nearly two games a week. Now, to be sure, once I find a new job I know I will want to go back to supporting game stores and gaming companies, but two things have become quite obvious to me:

1) I own more diverse game products than most people and as mentioned above, its enough to last me the rest of my life.

2) I bought my new house in 2019 and my gaming products already take up my dining room (which is my gaming room for in-person and online gaming) and living room. That is enough space to allocate to this pursuit. I keep the upper level of my house devoted to my academic library, home office, a guest bedroom (which also expands my academic library), and my bedroom. So to purchase more gaming books means expanding into those areas upstairs, reducing them of the space they deserve. I don’t want that. The lower floor is fun and games, the upper level is for academics, study, work, and sleep. I like to have clearly demarcated areas.

For me, if there is one good thing that has come of what Covid has done in reducing the economy, requiring social distancing, and causing me to lose my job, its that I’ve had half a year to reflect on what is necessary and needed in my life, and where my money and how my home space should be allocated to meet this.

Related to this, I’ve also begun to have my fill of Kickstarter. Too many companies – even before we had Covid-related delays in production and shipping – were not delivering products as they were advertised, and more frequently, they delivered their projects many months too late. I no longer want to support that behavior. I now have economic and home-space reasons for reducing my support (obviously I can still support PDF options for some products, which will cost less money and will take up no physical space).

So as I re-evaluate my priorities, I now can shift focus and make better use of my space and money.

Just a portion of my full RPG gaming collection