My Castles & Crusades Collection

As readers of this blog know, I run two Castles & Crusades campaigns. You might ask: “How committed am I to the game?” Well, here are photos of my C&C collection that might interest you!

Photo no.1: shows the major box sets, core rulebooks, Aihrde books, Gygax Worldbuilding books, and Codex books.
Photo no.2: provides a better look at the bottom shelf of photo 1.
Photo no.3: shows independent modules, digest-sized box sets (2 sets of digest sized books are inside the box sets), and the Tainted Lands and Umbrage Saga box sets.
Photo no. 4: These are extra books that players can use at the table in my home if they don’t own them (and in the case of the extra Player’s Handbook, buy one if they are won over by the experience).
Photo no.5: These are extra copies of books for myself that I keep in my library (where I sometimes do campaign design).

Photo no.6: C&C merchandise such as various mugs, a dice cup, and a promotional sign I use to promote the public games I run at game stores.