Castles & Crusades Diary: Dragonclaw Barony, Session 10.

The adventurer’s complete their search for the gnome sage – Fonkin.

Just like my Tuesday group, I am now listing the session number of the campaign to more easily keep track of campaign progression.

Today the group acquired another new Discord player (a player I gamed with 17 years ago joined last week). This group of online players is really expanding well. Our game only lasted around 3 hours, but I spoke with some players afterward for another 4 hours! It is a good feeling to get a group of good players who you can game with and also have great conversations with afterward. My hopes for this group continue to expand.

As for the adventure, the players had been exploring an underground complex in search of Fonkin, the beloved gnome sage of the village of Dale. They spent 3 game sessions exploring all the northern rooms, but Fonkin was to be found in a southern room.

The path they took to the room where Fonkin was located was much more easy going, since during the 3-4 game days they had spend in the underground complex, they had taken on a faction of hobgoblins, goblins, kobolds, and orcs, and not enough time had passed for new members to check in to find out why communication had stopped, thus the group only encountered some rats, wolves in an closed room, and and a couple untriggered magical and mechanical traps.

Up until this point in the adventure the rogue in the group had failed to unlock the doors and the dwarven barbarian/cleric and fighter/cleric of Thor had broke them down. When they finally got to the door to the room where Fonkin was located, the group had gotten tired of this “failed to unlock the door so break it down” strategy, so they decided to simply knock on the door! And a gnome replied! Fonkin had wizard locked the door and cautiously opened it for the group to enter. The players found him in front of a set of double doors leading to a lower level of the complex, and he had spent a week trying to analyze how to get through them with no luck (evidence of his research could be found by the scrolls, spell books, and food fragments that could be seen lying next to a box he had been sitting on). It seems his apprentice was actually a thief and had stolen something from him (he didn’t say what). Fonkin has been trying to find out where she went and had ended up in this room.

He was impressed that the group had made it this far and found him, and also realized that if the town of Dale had sent out search parties for him, that he had better go back and let them know he was fine (he had lost track of time during his underground research, plus gnomes have a different conception of time). After assessing the group, he said they could be of use in tracking down his former apprentice thief. He told them to meet him back at the Laughing Dragon Inn in the village of Dale and he would give them details on his former apprentice – now thief – what she had stolen, why it was important, and what he would offer them if they helped him find her and retrieve it. and with that he turned and looked at the door with an annoyed look, twisted a ring on his left finger, whispered some words, and disappeared. Next session the group will embark on part 2 of this adventure!

Fonkin, beloved sage of the Town of Dale (from Tales from The Laughing Dragon, Basic Fantasy RPG)