Castles & Crusades Pre-Diary: The Barrowmaze Campaign, Pre-Session 33.

Sometimes you need to shake up a campaign a bit to keep players on their toes. Below you find part of an email I sent to the players in my Tuesday Barrowmaze campaign in preparation for Tuesday’s game.

A Hobgoblin Army and Search Party Approaches.
Although you reside in the village of Helix, some of you had helped out nearby Ironguard Motte a few weeks back with Jotun Giants that had attacked the walls of the keep. You dealt with them. But now something else far more dangerous is approaching. A Hobgoblin army is entering the Duchy of Aerik and they are apparently in search of something that was stolen from them and they seem to think that it was taken somewhere within the Duchy. Some of you will know what this might be about based on a previous adventure months ago (we can talk about that on Tuesday).

The militaristic Hobgoblins don’t do anything half-heartedly, when they go in for something, they go all in. Local intelligence in the territory says that a powerful Hobgoblin Centurion named Ludovic Krach (a worshiper of Hades) is leading an army of several hundred soldiers, archers, and pikemen, to take Ironguard Motte. Thorgrímr, who you know has an interest in establishing himself in the area, is leading his Wolf Hunters and Viking Berskerkers to Ironguard Motte to help defend it. If he can be the primary force that holds Ludovic and his army off, then this not only saves the area, but also raises Thorgrímr’s position in the region, giving him more political leverage against Lord Viscount Kell Ironguard himself. Defeat genuine evil and acquire political gain and the loyalty of the people – these are all good things in Thorgrímr’s eyes as he maneuvers to become the true strength and power in this region of the Borderlands!

But while Ludovic leads his army against the walls of Ironguard Motte (which is drawing together heroes from the area to its defense beyond just the likes of the Wolf Hunters), the Elves and creatures of the forest say that a powerful hobgoblin commander named Skall Pancratius (another worshiper of Hades, pictured below) is leading a quieter, more focused and specialized search party of grunts and small number of troops toward the Barrowmaze in search of something. Why and for what purpose?

You are all a group that’s becoming known as Barrowmaze champions. Commander Skall Pankratius is leading a hobgoblin search party to the Barrowmoor seeking something which is clearly very important to them. Some of you might know what this is. What will you do?

Art I chose to represent the Hobgoblin Commander Skall Pankratius (by MissSwarm, Deviant Art)
Hobgoblins (art from Nord Games, Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde)