Castles & Crusades Diary: The Dragonclaw Barony Campaign. Hobgoblins and wolves, Kobold illusionists, trap room!


The Dragonclaw Barony campaign is the second C&C campaign I run on alternating Saturday:

The adventurers have entered an old ruin in the search for a beloved gnome sage named Fonkin. They entered the ruin in the previous session and found a secret room with a forge, an empty sentry room, and a room where goblins have holed up and set gas traps (which rendered people unconscious).

For this adventure the group continued wandering through the underground complex and found a room which had served as kennels. The smell of the animals that drifted out of the room attracted two giant bluebottle flies (twice the size of an America football) which the characters fought and dealt with.

The players then found a very well locked up room. When the rogue and assassin couldn’t successfully unlock it, the fighter and dwarven barbarian/cleric began bashing it down. This attracted the attention of two hobgoblins and their 6 trained wolf companions from the northern passage. This could’ve gone very wrong, but there were two wizards that cast sleep spells that took care of 4 of the 6 wolves, and as the rogue, assassin, wizard, and cleric/wizard took care of the remaining two wolves, the dwarven barbarian/cleric and fighter rushed forth and dealt with the hobgoblins. The group explored the nearby room where the hobgoblins were rooming, as well as their holding cell. Then it was back to to the door they were breaking down.

The group returned to the door that had been bashed through and explored a 20×20 foot room that had long abandoned arrow-slit traps, and murder holes on the ceiling. After activating a loud sonic boom trap on the chest another group of wanderers from the southern passage arrived to learn what caused that sound – masterful kobold illusionists! Kobolds in my game are the dog-like creatures from early D&D with the twist that they are a corrupted form of the gnomes. Thus, just like their distant connection with the gnomes, they are accomplished illusionists. Before the characters even knew what they were dealing with, the dwarf, assassin, and fighter, saw angry duplicates of themselves round the corner and they charged forth to fight themselves. The wizard and cleric/wizard passed their intelligence saving throws and simply saw the duplicates as beige silhouettes, but were unable to convince the others of the illusions (they had rolled 1’s and 2’s on their saves). Then 8 kobold’s rounded a corner in the southern corridor and performing “jazz hands” as the somatic component to cast daze on the spell-casters, with half passing their saving throw. The spell-casters also were able to partially see through a mirror image spell, revealing that there were only 4 kobolds, not 8. It was a tough battle as characters fighting their illusionary duplicates fell unconscious from the blows they thought they were being dealt. Eventually, however, the kobolds were dispatched and the illusions disappeared.

Finally able to return to the trap room, the rogue opened the chest and found gold and platinum coins, and a gem that could produce various forms of practical and blinding light based on a command word engraved on one facet of it. We ended the adventure there, but the spell-casters are out of spells and need some rest, so let us hope they can get it when we reconvene in two weeks!

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