Campaign World Design and Dungeon Drawings

The popularity of digitally designing and drawing up campaign material for whatever RPG we are running is very popular, and the resources out there are amazing and always fun to discover. However, I’ve recently wanted to get back to hand drawing dungeons. It is much more time-consuming, but much more satisfying, in my view. I haven’t drawn much recently, and am mostly in the imitation phase of material I find online (the drawings I show below represent that), but using resources (such as the great work of Dyson Logos), I am rebuilding my confidence in independent design (I used to be a CAD drafter a couple decades ago, so I do have experience in designing engineering drawings, I just need to freshen up my skills).

World building is exciting. There are two Castles & Crusades games I am running online on Discord, and they are giant sandboxes to play-test the different C&C classes (from the Players Handbook, Codex Germania/Slavorum etc., Adventurer’s Backpack), and other game systems within my pantheon of gods and home-brew rules. Some of my younger players are excited about the nearly three dozen unique classes available, but also asked about other races (they’re used to playing monsters in D&D 5E). There I did put my foot down – humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, hobbits, and half-elves/half-orcs only, monsters remain monsters in my game. I am only showing the cover of my world campaign book and nothing inside, since what is inside is for GM eyes only, and I never know who might join my online games and those players need a few surprises (for example, I am taking the Scottish city of Edinburgh – a city where I lived, worked, and roamed for 6 years – and turning it into one big open medieval sandbox for my players to roam and adventure in!).

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