RPG Kickstarter loot


I love table-top RPG kickstarters, there are so many great things to pick up!

More are coming as the year comes to an end, but here are photos of some of what I’ve received recently.

1. Castles & Crusades: Digest-sized versions of their core books and those for the world of Aihrde.
2. Old School Essentials. Wonderful books loaded with rules based on the 1981 Basic D&D rules. If you wanted to run a Basic D&D game, this retroclone is probably the best out there.
3. Adventures Dark and Deep. This game is based on an extrapolation of what AD&D 2nd edition might have looked like if Gary Gygax had continued with TSR. There is some great oldschool goodness in these books covering AD&D-type races, classes, and spells, there is an immense bestiary, a rule book for building kingdoms, and a massive dungeon adventure with map and illustration books.
4. Black Oak Workshop. Advent-ure Calendar. This is an advent-type box with custom made dice inside! I will have 24 custom polyhedral dice that will reveal themselves to me on the run up to Christmas. I also got a holiday dice bag, pin, and dice stockings!
5. In the last photo you see a collection of loot I picked up in kickstarters recently:
a. a Low Fantasy Game book filled with numerous charts and flexible, light rules to add more grit to your game.
b. some Handy Maps by Glynn Seal. These are wonderful city and village maps that I can place anywhere in my game.
c. Black Dragon OSR ‘zine and Maximum HP RPG zine and a digest sized pad of old school character sheets. It is nice to see digest-sized zines filled with art, rules, and ideas to spice up your fantasy game.
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