Castles & Crusades Diary: In Search of the Unknown and Viking Berserkers


Castles & Crusades Diary: While In Search of the Unknown, a barbarian/dragonslayer filled with Odin’s Fury battles Viking berserkers until the very end.

On this summer day when many people headed out to the Renaissance Festival and the State Fair, there was a smaller number attending C&C at Fantasy Flight Games. Still, four players ran eight characters and there were two NPC’s, so we still had a strong group. Dragonslayers, witches, assassins, paladin, bard, wizard, barbarian, and monk headed into the Caverns of Quasqueton to once again seek its unknown treasures.

They discovered the infamous room of pools and the hidden chambers of a loyal wizard to Rogahn and Zelligar. A cursed scroll reduced one character’s charisma by one, and a barbarian/dragonslayer drank some wine from a pool which intoxicated him for hours, reducing his combat prowess. They also found elven boots, and a magical ring and dagger.

Temporarily taking leave of the room of pools to grab some materials from the keep’s kitchen for further experimentation, they ran into a band of raiding Vikings of Baduhenna. Combat ensued and these crazed warriors disarmed one dragonslayer of his two handed sword, and the leader of the berserkers cleaved right through the scale armor of another dragonslayer rendering it useless. The vikings were defeated, but their brutality left a mark.

The group then came across some giant rats, which one of the witches charmed, and then had it show the hidden places rats are sometimes aware of. This led them to a hidden door leading to Zelligar’s wizard workshop and laboratory. As they began exploring it they heard the approach outside of another viking raiding party (they were banging their axes on their shields, not caring who heard them, or perhaps to intimidate them). The group tried to ambush them from two different sides, but by doing so left through two different doors and ended up splitting the group.

One group had Sigurd, the barbarian/dragonslayer (who summoned Odin’s Fury greatly expanding his combat abilities) and a witch/assassin. The viking berserkers outside saw the fury of Odin within him and though initially taken aback, chose to take him out for the sake of greater glory. Using their powerful viking cleave abilities, they shattered Sigurd’s two-handed axe, and he fought into negative hit points with a flail, but Odin’s Fury kept him up. Finally, however, Sigurd was taken down to -10hp, but just as he was about to fall in battle and head to Valhalla, the witch reached in at the same moment and healed him up to -2 (which because of Odin’s Fury still kept him conscious). We were now down to the final berserker, but it lunged in with its axe and took Sigurd down for the final time, and moments later the witch/assassin took down the final viking in the corridor.

So we lost one of our characters tonight – Sigurd – but this was one battle that would not be forgotten soon!24_8_2019