Gary Con XI Day 3: Meeting game designers


Yesterday I posted about my 4+ hour, 24 person C&C game, but other great things happened as well. At Gary Con I have found a new way to deal with my disposable income…err, wait, I meant I found a new way to dispose of my income! I purchased more mind expanding game books! 

I already have had productive conversations this Con with Stephen Chenault and Jason Vey (Troll Lord Games), Joseph Bloch (Adventures Dark and Deep), Jeffrey Talanian (Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea), and Ben Barsh (Pacesetter Games), amongst others. Well, yesterday I met even more great game designers!

My morning began by walking past someone and realizing “hey, that’s Matt Finch!” So I turned around and said “you’re Matt Finch!” He laughed since he obviously knew who he was. Matt Finch (‘Uncle Matt’ on his You Tube channel) is a big part of the game design and organization of Frog God Games and the Swords & Wizardry game). It was great to be able to discuss those games and have him sign my copy of the ‘Tome of Adventure Design.’

After a long chat with Matt I had to rush to get to the ‘Growing Up Gygax’ event and listened to the Gygax family discuss their life growing up in gaming. Afterward I spoke with and had Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and Luke Gygax sign my copy of the ‘Lost City of Gaxmoor.’

I then headed to the vendor room where I ran into Casey Christofferson, who designed the ‘Haunted Highlands’ for C&C and ‘Bard’s Gate’ for Frog God Games). He has put out some quality products and as art director for Frog God Games he has noticeably raised the quality of their artwork. He signed ‘Bard’s Gate’ and ‘Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms’.

While at that the Frog God Games booth I got ‘Sword of Air’ and had Bill Web sign that as we spoke. Just like the day before, the Frog God Games folk were generous, and after purchasing Sword of Air, Bard’s Gate, and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, they gave me a copy of Stoneheart Valley. Some of these books are already discounted a bit for the Con, but if you purchase a good amount of books – and I sure purchased a lot! – it is nice when they throw something extra in to show their appreciation.

By the late afternoon just as I was about to head to the massive C&C game, I went to the artists room and this time spoke with Jeff Easley. Easley was responsible for some of the greatest cover art for AD&D 1st and 2nd edition. For me his cover art work really defined what AD&D looked like for 20 years. He is a quiet and shy gentlemen, but it was great to be able to tell him how much his art has meant to me over the years, and how even to this day his work inspires me and represents much of what I think a D&D world should look like. I purchased an art print from him and he was kind enough to sign it. I will post a picture once I get back home and get it framed and mounted on my game room wall.

Today’s events will be a ‘Gary Gygax World Building’ talk by those who worked with Gary Gygax, and a talk on the work of Troll Lord Games. Of course, I will be visiting the vendors again today looking to browse some more amazing products and speak with more game designers.Lost Lands supplements

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