Gary Con XI Day 3: Gaming celebrities, plus more gaming materials!


Gaming Celebrities.
There has been several big names of modern gaming active at Gary Con (Wizards of the Coast is sponsoring some D&D 5E events here). I several times wandered past these folk – people like Mike Mearls (D&D 5E lead designer), Satine Phoenix (Geek & Sundry), and actor Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Death Saves), for example.

More Gaming Materials.
Yes, I got more gaming materials today. I’ve spent the last several days meeting the game designers and speaking with them. I went and spoke some more with artist Larry Elmore today and purchased one of his art prints, which he signed. Once I get it framed and mounted in my game room I’ll post a picture.

Bill Web and the good folk at Frog God Games (FGG) were once again generous with their time and their gaming products. As you can see from one of my photos, I purchased the full color, 800+ page city campaign setting ‘The Blight’, this is an expensive $120 book. However, they knew how much I had spent the previous two days, as well as my support for the 700+ page Lost Lands campaign setting with 12 poster maps in their latest kickstarter, so I received some more complimentary books and booklets. FGG put out good products and they show great support for their fans. I have a lot of respect for them.

Troll Lord Games – makers of “my game” Castles & Crusades – were also available for conversation again. I had some great conversations with Davis Chenault, designer of the World of Inzae, and Tylermo Morrison. Even though I already have nearly all their books (and I have duplicates of many of them so that both my players and myself are not going to be short of gaming material), I received a discounted copy of the Codex of Aihrde. This is a campaign setting that is very well thought out, having an extra copy for reference is most useful. This is another company that has great customer support and their people care about the gamers who use their products.

Judges Guild has produced some amazing gaming materials since the 1970’s, and when I discovered some full colour maps for their Wilderlands and City State of the Invincible Overlord settings, I had to get them.

OSRIC and Advanced Labyrinth Lord are very well done retro-clones of AD&D 1st edition and 1981 Basic D&D, respectively. These are nice, organized, versions of the classic D&D games.

I have enjoyed finding unique dice for out-of-the-ordinary situations for my C&C game. My players love the critical hit/fail dice I use from New Comet Games. I plan to start using the Dungeon Crawl Classic dice (d3-d30) for unique situations, and today I picked up four more unique dice (see photo) which I will find a use for. Rolling dice for strange situations adds a new level of uncertainty and interest for both the players and myself as GM. I can’t wait to begin using these!

Finally, I attended two events today: ‘Gary Gygax’s World Building’, which provided insights into how Gary Gygax operated and how he worked with other game designers on other gaming projects; and ‘Troll Lord Games – Selling RPG’s’, which discussed how the company that worked with Gary Gygax before he died, and which produces C&C has operated over the last 20 years. This was another great and very enjoyable day!

Gary Con book stack (3)Frog God Games booksJG mapsnew dice.jpg

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