Teaching Diary: More Cute Kid Stories (13/10/2015)

[Originally published on 13 October 2015]

Teaching Diary – More Cute Kid stories. I am really worried now, for it seems I have crossed some threshold and now more of my students are opening up with terrifying expressions of happiness and joy!

Example 1: Today I received my first gift from a student. They had drawn, coloured in, and cut out a flower and gave it to me as a present. When we finished our reading, she left my room by saying “bye bye butterfly”! This, of course, concerns me (does she perhaps need glasses?), for I look nothing like a butterfly, more like a bloated caterpillar!

Example 2: The child who told me they “wuvved me” yesterday said it again today. Several times. The frequent hugs were almost unbearable! On the positive side, the last time he actually said: “I love you”, which means the lisp is gone, so I no longer have to teach him anymore, and can probably dump off the affectionate little bundle of joy within a few days! 😛

Example 3: This kid was just plain hilarious today. I’ve been using a book for my reading interventions the last few days called ‘The Salamander Room’, where there is a kid who brings a salamander home and his mom keeps asking him questions (e.g. “how are you going to feed him?” “I’ll bring in insects.” How will you take care of the multiplying insects?” “I’ll bring in some birds to eat them.” “How are the birds supposed to live in your room?” “I’ll take the roof off the house and plant trees in our house for them to live in.”) Every kid today who read the story ended up loving the idea of having a kid slowly turn his room (and house) into an extension of the great forest outside.

Well, this particular student would have none of it. As soon as the child in the story proposed a solution to his mom, my student got frustrated and would raise a problem that the mom usually brought up on the very next page of the book. At the end of the story I asked him what he thought of the story. His response: “This kid is entirely irresponsible!” 🙂 I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud. My student sounded like a dour and stern adult who has lost patience with their kid whose mind is in the magical and wonderful clouds of the imagination – and this student is only 8 yrs old!

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