Teaching Diary: Cute Kid Story (12/10/2015)

[Originally published on 12 October 2015]

Teaching Diary – Cute Kid Story Alert! I was reading with one of my endlessly restless first graders today, one who has on a couple of occasions grabbed my arm and given me a little arm hug after I’ve walked him back to class. Today I experienced affection overload from this wee lad. While I was having him read he reached over and gave me a little arm hug. After the third one he said in his little child voice “I wuv you Dr. Welch!” (he has an Elmer Fudd voice, which is one of the reasons I am tutoring him!)
At this point I thought worriedly “Bloody hell, this kid has probably now completely attached himself to me and I’ll NEVER escape!” “Perhaps”, I thought, “his parents are brood parasites like the cuckoo bird and have laid an egg in my nest while I was gone, and now that I’ve returned I’ve got to raise their kid!” Then again, I might be overreacting…

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